360 push the third generation of search technology

"I search", 360 also released a test of a desktop search product "double Ctrl". Yu Guangdong said that the product is still in beta, has not yet officially named.

"in the original model, the 360 could not go beyond the love of Shanghai. The new model 360 is the introduction of similar Taobao seller evaluation system, allow users to evaluate the website evaluation results directly linked with the search rankings." 360 President Qi Xiangdong said.

red tomatoes, custom Coca-Cola in August 16th, in the 360 line search on 1st anniversary ceremony, the two reporters arrived at the scene of strange items.

reporter Xue Juan

it is understood that the 360 search "double Ctrl" Start > integration in 360.

in fact, before the launch of new products, I search ", there had been speculation that the 360 will use search on line 1st anniversary of the machine launched a bound of 360 security guards search products. In this regard, the 360 vice president Qu Xiaodong bluntly responded: "this model of mechanical rough, we do not want to do product" two rich generation ", but the pursuit of independent development space."

reporter secretly strange props behind a new action, 360 search on the same day, 360 announced the introduction of Internet users evaluation system of the "third generation search", and launched a search for new products — "I search".

360 vice president Yu Guangdong said, "my search" is to emphasize the actual users of the service, the user is the owner of the search, which contains two important measures: one is "site name card" function, the identity of the industry website, and the website from the industry qualification, service level such information as possible to reflect on the website name card; two is the introduction of Internet users comments, and be displayed in the search results, when the search results appear in the "Red Tomato", showed that the majority of netizens praise on the site, the site is the search will be first in the front row.

360 search and the introduction of the product, from the "website comments", has covered more than 100 thousand sites, a total of 700 thousand comments on data. The site name card "has multiple areas of the ticket, hotel, hospital, electronic commerce, banking and finance, appliance repair and other 20 thousand sites were identified.

The evaluation of Internet users

Yu Guangdong said that the launch of the evaluation system of Internet users, the use of a new "PeopleRank" technology. The search engine to the noble baby as the representative of the second generation search "to define the weight according to the reverse link, using the crawler to crawl the page content and keyword matching. But affected by excessive commercialization and malicious Shanghai dragon, the search results may not be required by user content. "The third generation of search will be on behalf of the wishes of the users’ PeopleRank ‘, it will give users bring a more realistic search results."

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