Do you teach the analysis of long tail keywords furniture chain strategy


network is a typical feature of Web2.0, the operation method of this part is mainly to the blog very much the same, and the anchor station reprint articles. But compared to the blog group, this part is hand in doing so, the content can be seen much better, at least graphic editing good. Everyone in this sharing community, can also get extra reprint. In addition, can be found in social networks and blogs are connected to each other.

How to optimize

today to share with you my working on site, as he had done on the furniture industry, the industry website or some understanding. Beauty Lele furniture net is developed rapidly in recent years, his success with the site itself clear Shanghai dragon ideas inseparable.

2, happy, everyone, I burn, watercress and other social networks outside the chain of


1, the chain blog

, we have just mentioned the chain strategy, I briefly drew a chain graph case said:

site optimization of long tail keywords is essential for the overall site optimization, many enterprises only focus on a few key words website home page, while ignoring the potential number of users is to search through the long tail keywords. If we can make good use of the long tail theory, will receive many unexpected results.

has shown that the general path, the site of the chain resources are basically through a series of actual traffic can bring an open platform for the. Compared with the BBS signature of the chain, the chain webmaster tools and so on for the chain outside chain resources is more targeted.

basically is the site within the chain blog copy forwarded, very basic and blog chain method. From the blog types, mainly rely on the Tianya, Sina, NetEase, and other included better blog. The blog content of all add anchor links and long tail keywords, basically can do the anchor, anchor link related content. Few blog links with home page. This approach is mainly to the page and column page, increase the chain resources, promote the long tail keywords ranking.

first look at the optimization results of the current web site:

from the webmaster tools to check him nearly 1400 furniture and related long tail keywords ranking.

and, in the long tail keywords in numerous front more than 20 pages are the first, also means that the 400 words of the site in the first place. Although each keyword love Shanghai index is not very high, usually at around 50, but the total amount of up to many.


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