After the analysis of the source web site with high similarity to radical

The structure of

2, the content of the website, pictures, this mainly appeared in some waterfall site. Although this situation is not directly caused by repeated contents included, but we all know that the search engine for the identification of poor. If the picture, there is less content may directly cause high similarity, affected included, and may cause unnecessary punishment.

4 upgrade page, such as setting up the unique tit> on the page

K is a website by web site operators can not avoid the encounter, when we as a webmaster of the site is K in the analysis of Web site operators in negligence on the content and the chain, there are often a lot of people is not to the analysis. The problem is that the similarity of web content. As far as I love Shanghai in June and July this year, large-scale K storm observation station, many webmaster in "innocence", when its content is actually in the original content, why was merciless K. The author believes that the reason lies in the similarity problem on the website. The content of the website even with the original, but will still be similar through high search engine mistaken for duplicate content. So in this paper the author will analyze the problem after the source website how to cure the headache of high similarity.

naturally have duplicate content, the author briefly share the four reasons. So in the website operation, we should how to cure this repeat the contents of

3: website at the same time generation of dynamic static pages, then no one in the form of page robots shielding, resulting in duplication of a large number of web content.

then go to the source, so we first need to understand the site have high similarity problem.


1 a large collection of content, it is easy to understand, the content of others on their own sites for their own use, deceive the visitors, but it is deceive search engine.


1 first priority among priorities is to strengthen the intensity of the original own, do not rely on plagiarism, use the content of others, although we enrich the pages of the site, but the friendly degree will be greatly reduced the readability of the website search engine, to know the content of the website is to use a search engine and the ring household relations.

There are many reasons ?

2 custom of the site itself, because now most of the sites are constructed using the station system, this kind of mainstream website program generally support the station structure for the custom build on the site, so the use of the characteristics of CSS, we can create a rich website structure, to reduce the site’s similarity, can play a very good effect.

4: the similarity of web content reproduced many times caused by content increase, this situation is mainly occurred at the site of the RSS subscription settings.

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