Arvin seven kinds of methods to build the chain high weight website

directory of the web site is still relatively high, we can get the target site submit to relevant directories, if your web site is included, which is a high weight of the chain, the site optimization ranking has a good effect.

has been the most webmaster think this is the best method to increase the weight, their original article submitted to high weight website, if approved, then bring the chain will be the target site of a huge number, weight is recommended as can be imagined, so here to: A5, Chinaz, Shanghai dragon why to contribute.

six: the chain blog

paper submission The weight of the whole weight of the

now submit bookmarking a very main plugin: jiathis; we make these bookmarks website to go up, in addition to the home page, write articles are submitted once, so for a page within your weight and weight of the site as a whole is very helpful.


seven: Links

five: BBS signature

four: classified information

this is our most webmaster every day in the busy one thing, Links, if you get a high quality and you.

blog the chain, compared to those methods to improve web site weight, although slower, but more stable. Of course, blogs and chains must have method, Arabic here is not to say, in A5 there are many master already mentioned, you can look at the. As long as the note is the chain blog, should also care to treat their own station, not to link spamming. (the final results may lead to the white do, the blog was created here), recommended that several blogs to do, the effect is very good: the NetEase, Sohu, Sina, Hexun, mop贵族宝贝, the weight of these blogs is relatively high.

how to make your own website display in the search engine more opportunities, it is your ranking. A site if so, there must be two points: one is the content of the chain is two. Content not to talk today, today is just to share how to build their own system of the chain chain? What method is there? Please look at 7 artikujt sums up for you:

two: Directory Submission:

now though the weighting of search engine for signature is more and more low, but it is still the main way of the chain. Signature course do you want to select high weight Forum: A5, Shanghai dragon WHY behind, etc., well done the same for your site’s weight is good.

: a software

is now online classifieds site higher weight. Baixingwang, ganji贵族宝贝, the classification of information, these if you insist on going to publish an article information every day, appropriate to bring you to the promotion of the target site. Have a great relationship with weight lifting for your site.

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