Through analysis of the long tail keywords and improve the flow conversion rate

we choose long tail keywords, can love Shanghai Google index and the tendency of the two platform. If you look carefully enough you will find that when you are in search of love, Shanghai in the search box will drop a hint, here is a selection of methods. Love Shanghai know, Search ask and so on these platforms are our long tail keywords the place. As for the choice of the two points, one is: to meet the user’s search habits, you must stand in the user’s point of view thinking. The two is to choose according to their products.

How to choose the long tail keywords


with the development of the Internet, more and more enterprises will have their own products or services to the network. Many popular keywords are now most large companies, portals and professional big Internet companies share. As small and medium enterprises and some start-up companies in such fierce competition in the Internet of a slice of cake? Although some keywords are becoming less and less, but for our small and medium-sized enterprises, as long as the brain and another in their own way can give optimal arrival we very good results. Cut the crap, I will share how to find some high quality long tail keywords today, and then use these long tail keywords to improve the flow and conversion rate of your website.

to the site within the long tail keywords, there are several points to share to everyone outside the station keywords ranking committee. A: you can direct your long tail keywords in the title, and then sent to other relevant forums, and then do the anchor text in the article. Then according to this release in some mainstream forums, increase your exposure rate.

3 how to do long tail keywords ranking

with the keywords of the competition is heating up, for I can refer to methods we started late small businesses in the choice of keywords, I have been using these methods and obtained some achievements, especially in the conversion rate of this was more related to the flow. This article from the original fingerprint fingerprint film sets 贵族宝贝zwm99贵族宝贝/, reproduced the need to indicate the source, thank you.

2 long tail keywords how to layout


After the selection and layout of the

we will mainly use the long tail keywords in the page of the article to do, once your article is included, as long as some long tail keywords you with what I said above, you fall in love with the sea on what name is not a problem. As for the friendly experience of long tail keywords layout to meet the users, so search engines will not be mistaken for cheating. In the long tail keywords or related information to add links to ranking will be more helpful.


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