Website title track Shanghai dragon wind forward optimization

remember that sentence: primary school teacher Zhang Qiang, your title and topic composition. Since this sentence is still in my head with the sea, from the site to establish the moment the teacher: this sentence is rippling in my eyes, the title of the essay is not beside the point and the title track website isn’t a reason

is this similar title search engine to give you the impression? When we set up a new website is the first to optimize the title, mining search engine now have no title to the search engine through the title on the website sit up and take notice.


titles that may be beside the point as the cost, whether it is marking the teacher think the content of how good, but there is no correlation between the two, which makes the scores high; we do is the same, no matter how good the content of the website, but the website title and content on this website is not unified, the consequences of very large, imagine that your website title is about the medical aspects of the information, and web content and is shopping information, this website allows users to choose, if I am a doctor users click to enter such a site, the first reaction is: liar website. The title for the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization really was what kind of effect?

third, high quality title can help the website to strive for further improvement, a good title to let the long tail of the language users to search, we may not only operate around the main keywords in the site, now the main keywords competitive pressure is relatively large, so the long tail word set is our better choice, for example before we do when the site is mostly described as YISHION word site title, and now.

second, the title can help the website to get more clicks, click rate is also a standard to judge the search engine algorithm, to a higher click rate so we require to create a website webmaster friends good title, after let users see is the desire to enter the site, in general, we grassroots webmaster the website can use some how, the best quality, the best words, to attract users, if the user is the enterprise website, then you can use the products or services for enterprise website title, this website title to attract users to click to play a big role.

first, high-quality website title search engine can get attention for the first time, in fact, many search engines give new website positioning first and not the content of the website, but the title of the site, to know the search engine a new site for the first time is to grab the home page, and the page Title is crucial and this is also related to display user search words, search engine for the websites of the title of the novel, to meet the needs of users are often able to give more attention, for example you want to do a weight-loss drug website, now how you take the site title or


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