Website editor 3 days working experience in Shanghai Longfeng operation

before I did the composition station label of long tail keywords optimization, mainly to the title of automatic segmentation, and then set up a unified format for title. Such as "my birthday" is my birthday, automatic segmentation, there are two labels, and their title is "XXX XXX" on the composition, each word is. The benefits of doing so is convenient, but the deficiency is not related to the long tail keywords accurately, this title is monotonous, there may be an impact on the search engine.


I think a high quality articles is mainly to attract title and content to the original title and a high degree of correlation with. Now my main job is to do the title pseudo original, some simple processing only on the contents of the article, such as news articles.


abstract writing is relatively simple, mainly title content, keywords and long tail keywords. For some articles there are a number of bold can be written to all the inside, for some descriptive, news articles mainly will expand the title in a word.


and I are graduates of this year, as a web editor practice in certain educational institutions, work for three days, is the main entrance to the understanding of each column. In these three days, my main job is to be familiar with the entrance of each column and the audit section below with my own grass, I talk about some views on work.

title change after the original meaning about unchanged, there are some differences between the original and pseudo original, so as to achieve the effect, there is to highlight key words. Such as the title "2012 College Independent Recruitment registration detailed problems" can be changed to: "2012 College Independent Recruitment registration details need to be improved", change the structure of the title to keep the main keywords under the principle and main meaning.


label technique personal views

tags and keywords are linked, it is the relationship between different indexes, label set properly, can be beneficial to the search engine indexed and included. I started writing for some long tail keywords are not very familiar with, is to write the main keywords, then give some suggestions to Yuanyuan, it is easy to use. I love Shanghai and the main search keywords from Google, and then find the title of the long tail keywords associated with the related search. I used a software called "flying Darou long tail word keyword query tool", is mainly to collect a large number of long hair keywords. I do a keyword for 3 days, that is similar to. It is with some related words in front of or behind the main keywords. Such as "Independent Recruitment" is "2012 independent recruitment", "North China Independent Recruitment", "2012 independent recruitment examination" and "independent recruitment reform" etc.. But now there are many words to slowly familiar with.

, a title change

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