Understanding the website structure and correct the chain walking in Shanghai Longfeng edge

is first of all to its content, is the original, you will have a good outside chain, when the quality is good, we can go to the large portal area contribute, such as Sina, Sohu, A4 and other places, they included a short time, the imported high weight, the key is to have many websites reproduced, these sites may be there are several dozen, but ultimately included must be high weight, good quality, so it benefits to us is very large, but here, there must be a link or the anchor point, want to have the anchor point now is very difficult, but want to have links to the general site will do more. Is a regular website, more is the value of copyright, copyright issues once reproduced very troublesome, so do not worry about this point, in fact, this also explains why we link so much ranking is not good The website, because people.

chain is actually reflected in the reverse link, the above is my red box draw out, the reality is the 10 thousand and 2 in Shanghai in the chain of love, noble baby is 67, the search is more than 60 thousand, in fact, the most important is the three search engines, for what they have paid attention to the chain, the reason is very simple, is to show the customer experience, the chain of love of Shanghai is to pay attention to the original, as long as we have the original, he will be included, of course included sites also have qualitative, this station is the original good, high weight, can be included, if you stand nobody management, then he is difficult to grasp, this is why we want to reprint in some large portal, pay more attention to the noble baby source of the weight of the website and domain name registration time, actually have a relationship with pr, Even if you’re in a lot of Web site, if the weight of these station is also not included, soso may be casual, so you can see that included many, but they all have one thing in common is that the greater the number, the better the quality of the chain, your ranking relatively better. So this will tell us to do outside the chain, but also to meet the above two points, then how to do.

directly affect the site’s ranking, I think that everyone is very clear on this, but why do we link so much, it came in behind some sites, there are two reasons, the first is the structure, second is the quality of the chain, let us look at what is the chain structure, I will not say, what about the structure of the three layer architecture etc..


The chain construction site of

Hello, I design the actual Harbin website design company, just wrote an article about the "correct control and understanding of the keyword density and anchor text", just in the A5 submission to name modified, this feeling is more appropriate, mainly is why let A5 think I’m not intentional propaganda or cheating the anchor point inside, some are removed, after all, in order to let him be included, included the purpose, is the hope that we can be reproduced, so a lot of the chain, and now that is actually the structure construction and the site outside the chain.


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