This is the Google PR value should update for Naban

two: Google PR value of the update should be more strict than before.


search is because I stand in a row forum, Google updates the PR value thought is the data errors found, along with several other sites (also check the domain name is registered after February this year, the PR value update found). In the QQ group asked also found that many webmaster website updates the PR value.

three: we have been working hard, owners still need to continue to work hard.


website is a long-term process, although we insist on the route is very important, but more or own execution. Many webmaster for a period of time can not be profitable to switch slowly on the road, we are not afraid not afraid in the halfway up. Google will be the same, although out of the mainland market, but they have been working hard, after all China this giant user group here. As a webmaster, we will stick to the

believe that the webmaster friends have been concerned about Google’s PR value, quality after all many friends with the Google PR value to the evaluation of a website. However, at the beginning of the February 2013 Google updates the PR value after no movement. Many webmaster and Internet practitioners believe that Google should not update the PR value, there are a lot of friends to write articles that Google not update the PR value, but the guardian today inadvertently see Webmaster Tools query results, Google PR value should update.


will update the PR value, it is not to say that Google does not update the PR value? We know the update in early February of this year, under normal circumstances, 3 months after the update, also is the beginning of May, the first half of August is the two update, a period of time do not let everyone see signs of renewal, but after 10 months. It updates the PR value, what is the reason? The guardian published under the personal opinion on the matter, I hope to explore together.

: Google updates the PR value that Google did not give up the market.

although the PR value update, but only a minority, the content of these sites are of good quality, but also has a certain user group, the user naturally get search engine identification. So this update found that most sites are good sites within the industry. A5 marketing is the new on-line, PR value is 1 (this should be updated so that is not a personal guardian) Google not update the PR value, but Google has adjusted the audit standard.

Google the PR value update again tells us that Google did not withdraw from the webmaster sight, although there is love Shanghai, three and 360 new Sogou search engine is the form of a tripartite confrontation, the situation that Google saw the opportunity to present the three search engines is completely independent, there is no joint anti Cao wu. Google search engine will seize this opportunity again to see if you can catch a little market share.

The guardian found some website

today has Google the PR value update, the guardian made a little.

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