Love Shanghai highlights Javascript of cheating

JS two: do

do one thing under cover of another cheating

some time ago, Ningbo Shanghai dragon daily a shallow solution about "brush" type of love Shanghai (author of "love Shanghai cheating cheating highlights of the" brush "out of heaven and earth"). Today is to share a little bit using JS script to achieve Shanghai love to cheat in the exams. In 90s Javascript has greatly enriched the dynamic features and elements of web pages. But the black hat Shanghai dragon also use the search engine for JS recognition is not perfect the drawbacks, a lot of cheating by JS. Today is the two example of Gu Jun to a popular JS cheating.

cry up wine and sell vinegar cheating way had been there for a long time many more cheating for it (as shown in Figure 1). The basic principle is that the site is divided into 3 parts: the first part through the "head using JS call with Amoy advertising links or large enterprise products business links with map, guide enter from the search engine users click (the content is provided for the web browsing. The second part:) for the big section of the blank page, its purpose is: to web surfers making web page has been loaded and false, "don’t drop in. The third part: it is expressly provided for search engines, there is no quality of reading of garbage collection content as site update. Through my investigation of the recognition mechanism for this noble baby has been good, but for the love of Shanghai tested, many Amoy project home page ranking and hot violence industry can still see his figure.

< dl>

JS cheating: cry up wine and sell vinegar

< div id=" test" >

< dd> < a href=" 贵族宝贝exmple贵族宝贝" > For > example

this method is for the hidden text and links in the web site. A lot of black hat Shanghai Longfeng for friends of the chain or hacking site by way of hanging black chain. The use of search engines to crawl JS difficult, JS is also the ID CSS split apart, thus increasing the search engine to identify the hidden links of the difficulty, but in the noble baby search engine optimization guidelines are also mentioned such cheating will be punished in the noble baby, love Shanghai optimization case or often can see the. The specific example of

< dd> < a href=" 贵族宝贝exmple贵族宝贝" > For example 1< /a> < /dd>


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