How to tap the user’s contact demand

concluded that the differences in demand did not do such things in others, or not to do such a thing, so we know where the difference lies in the competition; we only need to satisfy the user data.

analysis of 2. key words (competitors, the user needs the drop-down box, reasoning: love Shanghai love Shanghai, relevant search keywords ranking top 20 sites compared to

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view the competitors how, do analysis. Refer to love Shanghai drop-down box to see if the user needs a short time, they are seeking those who love Shanghai; related search is shown searching for users within one month of things, and the comparative analysis of the top 20 home sites, why he can row in the tenth place, why he was in the first row, these problems need to go through their thinking and logical thinking. Look at their web site that meet user demand, not very good to meet those needs, then we can do more advantages in that respect.

is in fact most users want to demand: Shenzhen fun place, Shenzhen fun line; then we provide some fun Shenzhen line and out of place, the most important is to provide some effects to images, allowing users to understand the feeling of the unknown. Plus travel agency service, many people recommend some places to go. Or the travel agency to engage in some activities: group to travel to save a few hundred pieces or a free people, some forms of marketing activities, to attract users better access to web sites, so as to achieve a deal of the situation.

)Keywords !

needs to play an important factor in optimizing, we to participate in the keyword ranking website not very good to meet the needs of the users or the current part to meet the needs of users, and we’re going to wellmeetusers. So how to make the difference; for example: for example, there are two travel agencies, price, service, the credibility of the two are bad; but few people go, one day one travel agency launched a "three of us are walking together for a free" attracted a lot of family members to participate in his travel another agency, will not engage in such activities, business volume is very poor. This shows that the two have a travel agency; but the launch activities and more attractive than their counterparts. Do different needs is the goal: to guide the user to access the site, enhance the keywords better ranking. (and others out of the ordinary, there are always some characteristics of

1. mining user demand and invisible peers did not meet the demand.

in search of "Shenzhen tourism" invisible mining user demand,

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