How to analyze site drop right reason and recovery

method for solving correlation changes is the best tuning, the main reason for the change is the correlation between the user needs to change, so we have to follow the change of the site, for example: search screen users gradually began to search for the screen, although only one word, but the correlation has greatly changed. Search changes daily attention of users to fine tune our website according to these changes. And be sure to keep the quantity and quality of the chain, if a large number of high quality is easy to be rated as junk links, link to our website and lost the vote, the conventional chain recommend BBS signature, blog recommendation, soft, quality of the three kinds of chain CIS >

Right down

third: cheating leads right down the website. Common cheating factors: keyword stuffing and abuse of meta tags, optimization of excessive, the garbage outside the chain too large proportion, the chain suddenly rose etc..

second: search engine data changes. The data change does not mean to change the search engine algorithm in search engine algorithms not often change, data change refers to the site’s relevance and voting rate change. Because the search engine user search habits changing related keywords varies, if our website can better fit the relevant keywords present then the relevance of the site’s decline. The voting rate (the sum within the chain and the chain) resulted in decrease of search engine data change right down.

if it is because of internal site changes lead to drop right can view the IIS log, view the spider to visit our website have what exceptions such as the 404 page is not a lot, if too many entrance check the website within 404 pages and removed, using robot to block the 404 page and custom 404 page. If there are 500, 503 of the server is not stable, this is the server provider problem, if recurrent this problem is proposed to replace the server provider. Recently, whether to modify title, revision, site has no illegal information, such as title or revision is very simple, one word: so, such cases must be the egg station illegal information can be deleted. When you observe the IIS log also note that the spider sticky, if the spider to climb the two pages left is likely to be repeated or high degree of the station outside the station station with high repetition, this kind of problem will depend on the ability to adhere to Shanhaiguan, every day to write original or original.

can be divided into three categories;

How to analyze the

website down right reason and recovery? Drop right down the right, is the site of weight is reduced, the weights of the scoring mechanism has content, chain code, structure, several factors.

down the right site solution:


first class: lead to internal website changes right down. Some error or exception occurs when spider climb to the site, such as 404 dead links, high repetition, website and other lead spider on the website of the lower degree of trust.

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