Novice webmaster using independent blog to avoid misunderstanding chain

many people when using the blog construction site outside the chain will try every way to create the chain for the website, and in the blog title Add URL is one thing they do, and join the site in the title is a sacrifice of the blog, novice webmaster you think your article can be the search engines, adding the URL in the blog of the article is to waste, because most of the time your article can not be included in the search engine, so you have to write the article, the URL in the clever are without the slightest effect of gad.

blog content to add URL is to form the correct behavior of the chain, but many novice Adsense mood too urgent, in a blog post join several different web sites, but this can also be called the? As a blog post on its Web site to join should not exceed 3. More than three web sites blog will not be able to transfer weight to the URL of the website brings, so there is no blog.

copy and pseudo original is many novice webmaster will do, often novice webmaster in their own website to pay after efforts would have no time for the blog writing, so they thought of plagiarism and pseudo original, these two methods than to write original articles more quickly, but if you want a novice webmaster your copy and pseudo original articles can be recognized by search engines? Forever the weight of the blog transfer can cause a lot of damage, this method can be used to novice webmaster.

many novice webmaster to set up the chain in the use of blog is generally believed that the level of the blog is not high, so many webmaster through some brush flow software.

A misunderstanding: the

error three: blog content more than three

see how to set up the blog outside the chain of importance and establishment of the chain blog in many websites, and how to use the blog to set up the chain to avoid misunderstandings and matters and is seldom mentioned, in fact, novice webmaster will encounter some problems in the use of blog, also went into a lot of errors, if you are a novice webmaster, then this article is a very important reading position for you, hope to be able to a few points in the article to be vigilant, out of misunderstanding.

blog contentThe development of suspected of plagiarism

error two: blog articles and pseudo original

error four: slow update

not included blog

blog post titles to the site

error five: brush flow caused by

to enrich the content of most of the time, the blog traffic is brought in, if your blog doesn’t go with a long time not update the blog friends, this blog will not be able to get the same between blog welcome, also can not get the love blog search engine, although now occupy the search engine’s weight is not very high, but the foreign chain construction diversity still has a very big role, hope that the webmaster to ponder.


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