Several factors must be considered before the new Shanghai Dragon

second points, combined with their own website content to draw up a good title to the site;

;The new

a good title must contain the keyword, also can attract customers click. Keywords include title must have a certain amount of search, but also not too hot, too hot too much competition, our short time it is difficult to optimize; difficult to optimize query keywords can be key in love Shanghai in the search engine, if the search results appear in the full web page give up; if most of them are in the page, you can use this keyword.

search engines have become more and more intelligent, for example: some cheating etc. keyword stuffing can be very good recognition, so be sure to check your web page has a search engine cheating.

Shanghai dragon like housing, if no stable, then it is useless for optimization. Before a new website was submitted to the search engine or spiders to crawl, it is necessary to do their own work. If the spiders in the grab after frequent changes to the site, that will only give the search engine a bad impression, you want to get the ranking is not so easy. So, before we do the optimization of a new website, there are many factors need to be considered, the author’s own experience summed up the following factors in the new optimization before need to pay attention to:

website code uploaded to the space, the spider is likely to come crawling, if the spider crawling on the site after a big change, the spider may drop right on the site, which not only included to slow, and even included, also takes a very long time to have the right weight, that is The loss outweighs the gain..

fourth, check the website without cheating;

station is particularly important, if the search engine spiders to crawl your site, the result is wrong, then I am afraid it is difficult to come; in addition, the website search engine speed and independent IP or weighting algorithm, so that the conditional webmaster can choose faster, and is independent of the IP space, such as network etc..

site basically no chain, we cannot control, but the site within the chain is controllable. Internal chain is the most important index website each link does not appear dead links, links are accurate, in the pages of the articles to reasonable site keywords and anchor link. So in the eyes of the search engines is significant better.

first, to choose a stable, fast server, it is best to separate IP;

The stability of

third, the chain construction site for the

fifth points, in the local site test, not uploaded to the space after the change;

new well above, is to lay the solid foundation, then wait for the search engines, you can go to some websites such as: >

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