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Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon ranking has been a pretty fierce competition, at least ybsong blog has never been to the home page, this shows that the gap between the webmaster and help, because he was the front page 2 position! Look at this website is how to use the 2 pages of a directory to occupy the love Shanghai No. two or three the location of the ybsong is a respected Zhengzhou! Love Shanghai optimization technology and practitioners, concerned about the long-term dynamic ranking and marketing, Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon, please contact QQ:1524608819.

is more willing to put the problem boils down to only url. In other words, each URL (address) should correspond to a page, each page corresponds to a unique URL (website). Of course, this is the ideal situation, the use of flash framework, for web site are difficult to meet this requirement, but they also do not comply with the Shanghai dragon framework. Obviously, the above 2. The difference between "/", then what is the difference?

static website will generally correspond to a HTML, HTM and other documents, then the site is the domain name + path + file name, such as "h>



URL standard, English: URL canonicalization from Matt Cutts’s blog: advice: URL canonicalization Shanghai Longfeng Chinese translation: Shanghai Longfeng proposal: URL standard "URL standard" is a verb noun. (from Shanghai dragon why

preferred: ybsong is only theoretical discussion, inaccuracies, also please Master. At the same time, whether the Webmaster Help or July, stone or a right level of webmaster, are much more than me, if the text are disrespectful, please Haihan! We see this ranking will certainly be on the 2 web sites are the same, doubt. Open, 2 web pages for exactly the same (according to the analytical principle must be the same). But the snapshot of the 2 cache is not the same, the date is obviously at the beginning of November, and the latter is really a snapshot is updated from time to time.



1. static website.

. The difference?This is the essence of

What is

URL, a uniform resource locator (URL Uniform / Universal Resource Locator, the English abbreviation) is also called the web address, is an Internet standard resource address (Address). It was originally designed by Tim · Berners Li Faming used as a web address. Now it has been the World Wide Web Consortium for the preparation of the Internet standard RFC1738. (from love Shanghai Encyclopedia)

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