Shanghai dragon is a thought provoking journey to the West

said shaceng seems to have what special skill, all day, also not be scanty of words unknown to the public by the monster old catch up to, but you have to know the West on the road there is no idea of the monk, resolutely support and support, and his earnest, makes the whole team to carry out the plan of Shanghai! The contents of the work, dragon chain is not exactly shaceng? Not anxious, not dry, anxious a manic inevitably collected, three days fishing nets two days of drying will backfire, only around the entire Shanghai Longfeng goals, adhere to the implementation of unremitting, do original, every day to send even if a high quality of the chain, days and months multiplying, steps out of the Shanghai dragon road to success, eventually made Canon

winter arrived, never get tired of the journey to the West and onto the television screen, Tang four, hardships, finally obtain the real fruition, admirable was for a legacy. May be given the sensitivity of the occupation, I see the journey to the west, suddenly feel Shanghai dragon is a thought-provoking journey to the west, Shanghai Longfeng everywhere essentials is the embodiment of Tang four? And listen to me speak slowly:

Sun Wukong, a demon Slayer journey escort made Hummer credit, from its vast powers and strong execution. In the whole process of the optimization of the rankings, is also an executive force we have repeatedly stressed the problems, good technology and good target, strong execution is left empty, quickly find the optimal path


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two, Shanghai dragon execution is monkey

West Road has been eight, only to let the whole journey become more pleasant journey, seems to be cut, it is difficult to imagine not tricky, no pig pig funny amused, the road is lonely, how long! Shanghai dragon also is such, if all day staring at the screen, write articles, send the chain mechanical work, repeated dull as ditch water I don’t know, you can insist on how long? So, we in the optimization process, to stop the activities, go for a walk, or go to the movies, listen to music or play game addiction, you will walk the road of Shanghai Longfeng or longer

in a long period, take the road full of thorns, it is the firm belief of the monk, know what to do, what to do, to learn from the success of direct guidance. Shanghai dragon who said it? We only know clearly, to search engine first to learn from success, we only believe they have the strength to complete this goal ranked first, only we have a persevering mind, can eventually repair success, take the first

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three, Shanghai Longfeng leisure is pig

four, the chain is no

, a Shanghai dragon mentality is Tang

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