Shanghai Longfeng Chain Senior Strategy station group

Some What is the Between the stations The theme of different sites of the I The

4. master station and resource station group, resource station station group can’t link to each other. Because it is your site or resource station group has commercial value, and resource stations this strategy itself is sprocket deformation, so the search engines more.

index, the degree of competition of high word, often need a lot of support of the chain. In all the chain form, the output chain of weight is the highest (after all in the home.), but sometimes your friend chain too much will lead to the high quality of the site to exchange with you again. So how do? Buy links? Put too much for some economic benefits are not very great words The loss outweighs the gain. Then it will use resources station group strategy.

for example, if I have a product station, want to do to lose weight of the word, then my resources should be those stations standing Yoga Slimming, slimming exercise. Facial exercise and lose weight at the same site, avoid in the drop-down box and relevant search in a related vocabulary, the use of cross chain to provide support for the master weight.

resource group? Here it is the station group, but is not the black hat that garbage station, but the station to help users, the use of cross chain chain to provide support for the master. Although the site itself has a relationship to the user, but Baidu temper believe every Shanghai dragon has experience, so when the operation resource station group, there are several directions to hold.

1. stations within the group, to be related to but not entirely related. For example, want to know Shanghai dragon tools readers, often on the Shanghai dragon tutorial is also very interested, then these two words in Shanghai and the Shanghai dragon dragon tool tutorial is related but not completely related. How to find similar? Very simple when you are in love after Shanghai into the Shanghai dragon, the drop-down box will automatically appear in these two words.

3. resource station, not shared IP. This is done in order to prevent Baidu injury, because the program is a BUG program, a fire.

between 2. stations and the main station to do the subject, but not closely related. For example, search the word Tianjin Shanghai dragon users often want to understand the dynamic, local industry recruitment information, want to meet or understand the relevant local practitioners, often this kind of word and it will not Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon tutorial tool appears in a search drop-down box, but this relationship is not closely related.

to the "Tianjin move" the word as an example, we can group resource station theme could be around the word "move" the level of Related words, such as moving notes, move send what like the gift, and then use the cross chain optimization of the local word + move, for example, Hebei Tianjin move move. In this way to do local words quickly.

I believe the reverse thinking of good friends, see here the thought resources stations second methods. Yes, this strategy can batch do local site.


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