The enterprise website to do the general steps and methods of the Shanghai Dragon

with more and more enterprises on the net, there are more and more enterprises realize the importance of network channels especially the search engine for the development of electronic commerce and network marketing, coupled with the booming of individual stationmaster group, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners also more and more. So, some knowledgeable managers began to consider or get more targeted visitors from strong love Shanghai or Shanghai Longfeng Google through the way to enhance the performance of the internet. The author through his blog took a few single enterprise network optimization optimization project, is also a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, they undertake the enterprise website within the specified time to target customers, in the process of some experience. Here, the general steps and methods and you talk about the next person think corporate website do Shanghai dragon.


the site layout, that is where the keywords appear; keyword density refers to the ratio of keywords for words and words in total, the general performance of the keywords appear many times in the website; keywords presentation refers to the keywords of a website is to show what style, such as font color. In the above three principles: the layout should be uniform, not in a region contains a large number of keywords in other places are not words. For example, top, middle and bottom of the best uniform requirements within the containing keyword density. Keyword density, general requirements between 4%-8%, in fact, the enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng not deliberately pursue in the van.

step 1: modify title, description.

keywords layout, density and change the site to show the way.

Step two:

many people might say, optimize the project of enterprise website should first analyze and search for keywords from the start, of course, this is true. But this is the optimization project for Shanghai Longfeng practitioners of enterprise website. In fact, a good search engine optimization contract signed, in which clearly defines customer requirements which is a few keywords. So, this step will not worry about us here. Is the title of the revision principle: contains the keyword optimization, as far as possible is a whole sentence instead of the accumulation of keywords. But for the enterprise station, many customers require a lot of words, this time can not put the words are a form of a word contained in the title, then it uses the business name and keywords parallel way. In fact, now many enterprise web sites are used in this way, although not very good. But after all, than to give up the opportunity to display keywords in the title to the right. Is the description of the principle: if a true description rather than the accumulation of keywords, and description should properly contain the keywords. Another point: enterprise website try to include enterprise contact information in the description, try not to be too long. This is because the customer in the search for relevant keywords, can be directly in the search results displayed in Shanghai love to see this information.

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