The search for our industry inventory recently staged battle

Shanghai: love love Shanghai is the industry leader, if you want to keep its leading position to innovation to continuously, to reform their own products, and in early 2013 Robin Li proposed a wolf request to love Shanghai, love Shanghai in all aspects are more or less to take some action, especially in the mobile market. Robin Li himself made leader to command the corresponding development work, and the recent search industry heavy constantly, love Shanghai is not idle, released a new algorithm of Scindapsus algorithm, focusing on the fight against the purchase link, ranking mechanism of integration of the entire search, let more high quality sites to search rankings, giving users enough information trust, enhance the user experience while also to purify their own brand.

said: 360 new year 360 movements, is sure to be the number of purchase log treasure, although technically, vulnerability analysis and safety monitoring functions such as log treasure is very powerful, but these are not the ultimate goal of 360 log treasure or meaning acquisition. Because the 360 idea is to create a more viable products, produce more user viscosity, consolidate their brand value, have more right to speak in the user, and the search industry is a not immediately realized, take love for Shanghai, although expensive for a brother, but love Shanghai profit the means is quite dirty, it is relying on the auction advertisement, "

in the past we are clamoring to love Shanghai too monopoly, is too arrogant, just be careless with webmaster feel, mercenary, let us join later 360 of the sun, that past conditions can be changed, but ginger or the old lady, love Shanghai hard power and the means to make 360 is also very uncomfortable, but as an all ready 360, love Shanghai in the low-end market rubber plaster like viscosity makes the browser port 360 is difficult to play a role. Fortunately, 360 in the mobile market advantage is fairly obvious, at least the security guards, soft kill is awesome, by many users, so that 360 in promotional products more of a choice.

in fact we have joined the search industry, because this is a huge cake. From 2012 earnings, love Shanghai in the fourth quarter of last year Q4 revenue of 6 billion 335 million yuan, an increase of 41.6%; net profit of 2 billion 795 million yuan, an increase of 36.1%. In the industry as a whole is not too good, love Shanghai’s profit can be quite high. And that is what Zhou Hongyi says is going to do the search. After all, the gene is still 3721 weeks old, the heart is not dead, a search engine is not his ultimate goal, the huge data is any one vendor love things, especially now that the mobile Internet era, relying on powerful data flow PC port to analyze the user level, is very important for everyone on other platforms the operation. Everyone in a series of recent actions also allows us to see the future battle search industry.

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