The novice must know the analysis of Taobao money off mode

now uses the website Taobao off the most is to operate in blog form, we search for any product, are.

: the first by the Shanghai dragon rankings do Taobao off

set up a website is not what difficult, now open source program to the space you can set up a website, or a web page can also be made into a static page, use the Shanghai dragon to do Taobao customer is very much, the recent period of time of not less than thousands of sites are all Taobao customer types, analysis of station and chain them, do not say that people love Shanghai how, see a lot of sites are no rank and no traffic station. The source of the chain type is full of garbage outside the chain, these are all wasting our time, Shanghai dragon is the essence of inside and outside the station combined with each other, rather than relying on the chain to prop up, although you can go up, but as long as you don’t do then, soon fell down. Here I suggest, if you want to use the web to do rankings, must treat it well, take it as your girlfriend to stick to it is effective, not to engage in it a few months. Forever not to earn money.

Hello, I’m Deng Kanhao, did not write for a long time, today six points to write this article, master will skip, share to novices, Taobao customer industry also has a few years, many master earned money, some people only see. The novice, do not want to think about it, how to keep up with those of Daniel, we first have to do now, is the realization of the. Today everybody is about to bring Taobao money off mode analysis of this blog. Well, here:

first, explain with the site, Taobao, with the site, Taobao customers can be divided into drainage and the Shanghai dragon ranking two models, I believe many of my friends have seen Shanghai dragon, but the real optimization is not much, of course, I also not very cow, also a rookie, no matter what you want to do product now, the Internet is full of advertising everywhere.

second: the use of drainage to do Taobao

said Taobao passenger flow, this kind of method will do much better than the Shanghai dragon, because Shanghai dragon itself is a dry live, as long as we do not have the website or website, the premise is that we must first find our ponds where we are and where the target population. Method drainage is many, we can choose a kind of our love, to dig it, summed up a summary of this process, something out of the US. I also like this – use QQ to promote products.

is nothing more than the Taobao off several methods, we do not need to master all play, like some time ago micro-blog and renren贵族宝贝 enough fire, now also died renren贵族宝贝. Plus Taobao alliance is also more humane. We will not be frozen commission. Hard to force the grassroots webmaster ah.

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