Your website should be dragged down the rankings


web site to create a new page, the search engine is unable to determine its quality is good or bad. It is through the user’s browsing quantity, residence time to resolution. When this page is rarely visited, and the contents of the outbound links an amount of browsing pages, but not to occupy the resources of users and web sites to bring help, not trash


page?When the The real value of

finally, with the case according to the theory, the analysis of the following two cases.

this site is Android and Android software game download, optimization and content on its Web site is around the 2 topics, but there are a lot of this was included in the mobile phone information news. When users search Android software and Android game is to download, to download and is a type of software and games, you update so many mobile phone users interested in the news? He downloaded software and games will produce what is the probability to buy mobile phone? Obviously this information was collected after more the theme of the site will be diluted, which will affect the website main keywords ranking.

first, thinking about a problem: what is the purpose of the website owners



is the webmaster for the site included the number The more, the better. quest, not only because the boss looked comfortable, for when a chain can be used as a razor. Love Shanghai and the official Google has never issued instructions included more or less on the site in the end what, today I break the normal procedure thinking, as we uncover why will drag the rankings included.

included in this site is a typical representative, its itself is a software service website, publicity related financial software, why is the pursuit of the theme of the site included update itself completely irrelevant information, movie star? When users search software will have on how Jackson "dead" demand? This page browsing number must is very low, occupy the resource of the website does not give users any help, will drag the rankings,



is a webmaster do optimization than the more important to the user does not do what is included to optimize, >

second, the search engine is how to determine the value of the

is either the pursuit of flow, or the pursuit of conversion. And when the number of owners of the pursuit of the collection will be a large number of unqualified content to join the site, these unqualified content of user browsing will have a negative impact, not only does not increase the residence time of the user station, it will cause the bounce rate increase. People are gone, what about the conversion rate? Users see for a long time are not very interested in, the next will continue to visit? He also don’t want to get traffic.

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