Want to make a few points on the optimization

can see some of the hair of the chain more or less, although we all know that the chain should not only pay attention to a quality, but also to the gradual and orderly development is the best way. But often some webmaster, music does not seem to be in accordance with the requirements to do the chain. But let out in a very short time the chain increased hundreds or even thousands, but did not pay attention to.

so, for now love Shanghai more and more clever spiders of today, as a long standing and how should we respond? Here is based on a period of time before the site suddenly included slow, stop updating the snapshot case analysis summed up some methods, hope to help for that matter the webmaster.

I am in the QQ group and all associated with the Shanghai dragon forum, ask before

introduction: since June this year, Shanghai love big update algorithm, I believe the vast majority of owners are still asleep awakened by a dream, many every day in the original website or personal blog is love Shanghai K or fall off the rankings, as the current promotion in the operation of the makeup photography nets, although in the love of Shanghai the big update algorithm did not result in a site was K but obviously let me every day the content included slow, but the snapshot has stopped updating until yesterday I love Shanghai makeup photography website snapshot from the June 20th update to now July 22nd, full snapshot stop updating 2 days a month time, of course, in this period every time I work harder to analyze the causes and make efforts to fight back to the site after effect. That is all that love Shanghai and a series of products is not the product of the past, as long as you every day just update the content of the original will be love Shanghai included, and now even if your article is original but no value meaning of love Shanghai spider when crap blind, it will lead to the results, of course, there are other reasons, but the love of spiders in Shanghai indeed than before many strict norms and many.

two, the website chain is more better

, the original is the original word

many webmaster for the site to update of the original content, and ignore the quality of the content and the correlation with the theme of the site, which has lost to the search engine and user experience a sense of value. For example, before I have a Sina blog called "network of rivers and lakes", as long as the love of Shanghai before the search box input will be able to see the network of rivers and lakes in Shanghai before three, but due to some articles before released purely in order to achieve regular delivery in the original content for the blog, while ignoring the quality of content and with this blog topic relevance due to the blog ranking will suddenly drop. Through this example, we can tell you now than the original, but also should pay attention to the quality of the original article in a content, believe that only you update to love Shanghai, so, want to have a stable and good ranking also is possible.

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