The traffic soared 3 of the construction of the chain

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is the Lord Sina blog is because he was in love with Shanghai on weight than any other blog come high. The culture method of Sina blog is very simple, to each other on the brush Sina blog IP to enhance the level after the initial release of several articles. This blog each step on the Internet very much, I will not mention here. After a certain weight in the blog began to publish articles, do the anchor text link, so as to flow into the web site at the same time, increase the weight of the website. We look at the construction of the chain. It can not ignore the blog:

traffic surge is certainly not just the construction of the chain, but also includes the content of the publication. Because most of the traffic comes from the long tail keywords, so the construction of the chain in the site to guide the spider, lifting weights, with also must have the corresponding content. Of course, here is mainly to analysis of 3 kinds of traffic surge chain construction. (before we take a look at the map: the effect of site traffic soared)

love Shanghai encyclopedia is a treasure house of the construction of the chain, this is a consensus. It can be the first to enhance the website weight; secondly, it can bring a stable source of traffic to the site. But many people know it well, but it is difficult to do, this is actually a method can be found. Shanghai love Wikipedia to stay link place is more than the expansion area, can also take place in the picture link. When I build a Wikipedia entry is often used with a combination of graphic links, of course here with the basic link is the front page of the site, but the inside pages. This will be more conducive to guide visitors, let them see something useful. The following is the Wikipedia entry rate through entrepreneurship:



Q & a platform

, a Shanghai love Encyclopedia


. blog

said simply, the author of the construction site of the chain mainly on these three aspects, but the effect is not reached in general. I left the links are relatively strong correlation, in the introduction of traffic at the same time, visitors stay in the page have a long time, not because of unnecessary flow >


we are familiar with the inquiry platform include two aspects: one is the love of Shanghai know; two is to ask SOSO. The weight of the chain in Shanghai know love can be introduced into the flow at the same time can improve website. SOSO ask before too, but in 2011 November when the link to jump to mode, not directly to the website promotion weight. But it is still a piece of treasure. This is so, it is mainly on link building than love Shanghai know much more simple, but also very stable flow into. We look at the introduction of stable flow SOSO ask:

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