What we want is not search ranking search traffic

all the total search volume larger sum up to a total of 11.39% other small search volume of the sum is 88.61%.


in " how to make Shanghai dragon without content? There may be no content search traffic? " said, if the website does not have content, and other content on the content for search ranking, in fact, it may be only a certain keyword "search rankings, and there can be no traffic search too" good ".


so of course we want is not to search traffic in search rankings, but know how to fight for many web search rankings, but did not know how to increase search traffic.

for good "search flow" method only content marketing, only the appropriate content.

" users "search ranking is some keyword in the search engine to search the web site when you can appear in the natural search results list, and by the user see represents your website with" search rankings ", and usually a lot of websites in the pursuit of" search ranking "on page three.

The so-called "

said the red part many users use the keyword search (we call this keyword keyword A), accounting for the total amount of search 5.21%, which is 100 in the search, there are about 5 search using the keyword A.

sites will take "search ranking" as an important goal of Shanghai Longfeng operation, but there is no reflection on promoting the "search traffic" strategy. How should we face the real meaning of "search ranking" and "search traffic"? Let’s see…


so you should see the search rankings with two blind spots, the first is the keyword is blind, you cannot determine your target keywords ~ is really user keyword? Second is the key flow of blind spots, even if you lock key is correct, but the sum should flow just a few of the total traffic, but more of the flow from the long tail keywords, in the above example, the total flow of the long tail keywords is 88.61%, you in the end to the flow of 11.39%, or 88.61%? The answer is obvious.

?The so-called "

we look at general search keyword ratio, as shown below:

" search traffic is when your site can appear in the natural search results list, and to guide the user to select a point to your site, your site has "search traffic".

but the problem is that you have identified some "Keywords" would be used for users to search keywords? How many users will use the keyword search

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