6 ways to teach you how to build a high quality link bait

1: focus on user experience, when talking about linkbait said that the user experience seems to be contradictory, in fact. This told me to open a shop in Taobao, you must first have a product, then you are useful to the user, the user of your product will. The same is true in the link bait, not just to manufacture link and link bait, as so-called not only for Shanghai and Shanghai as the Dragon dragon. So don’t try to pursue the effect, although we are longing for external links, but deliberately to pursue, pursue linkbait often does not produce the desired effect, which is why the reason must be the natural anchor text to join.

3: pay attention to the site layout, when the user through your linkbait access to your site when you first see the layout of the site layout, a clear, clear levels, color collocation sites can not only allow the user to generate a sense of trust, and will have a comfortable reading experience for users. Are more likely to share your site to other people, and if you opened the website users will allow the user to generate a messy feeling of distrust, they tend to your content is not interested in.

2: choose a good object, should pay attention to what kind of website to write what kind of what kind of soft Wen, for what kind of propaganda object, after all we do link bait in order to get the link, which can give us Web links to user groups are not ordinary users, they may be a forum active members or moderators, with personal site groups, such as personal webmaster, blogger, we should consider the needs of users, what they are interested in, what hobbies, direction must be clear.

the first thing to understand is that what is the link bait, linkbait refers to articles or products are attractive to the majority of Internet users through the creation of new posts or, a way to get the chain through someone else’s application to be reproduced or, good linkbait can quickly obtain the chain to many of the best linkbait even up to a site on the Internet by the majority of users quickly spread to overnight effect. Linkbait is the network marketing personnel, Taobao, one of the promotion means some webmaster website media commonly used, I have seen a very fire Taobao guest articles, reproduced by many netizens, is found Taobao internal staff where shopping, a special channel is found what, this article not only attract a lot of primary users to buy, also attracted many users through the Taobao customers to buy links, this article was reprinted the number of Statistics I didn’t go to my personal estimate, but the lowest was also reproduced thousands of times. Or related ideas under the link bait, summarized as follows:

4: use a good title, the title of the party is not purely by users love, but the good content also needs a good title to embellishment, with internet information emerge in an endless stream of fast food, and.

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