Don’t underestimate the noble baby optimization page title role


in the book, a title can decide whether a book can be sold, just think, when you are in a bookstore, what makes you pick up a book? There is no doubt that the cover and title. The importance of the page title to a website you already know, but how do you know the

Check the

how do you check the title of the competition? You can search in the search engine: allintitle: your keyword phrases, let’s take a look at an example. Pretend you engaged in pest control company, specializes in termite removal. You study in Google keyword tool free, you will find an interesting keyword phrase: termites eradication (termite eradication).


written page title can be said to have a lot of fun, it’s like a mystery, how to put the words together to achieve the best effect. Let us continue to analyze the example of termites. The noble baby keyword tool also shows "how to kill termites" (how to kill termites) phrase received average monthly search volume 1300, if you >

How to write the title of

page title


in the search engine input: allintitle:termites eradication

tool shows that the average monthly 58 search phrases, August is a month of the most popular. But this phrase in the Google competition pressure. You search on Google termites eradication (termite eradication), sure enough, there are 217000 competition ". So, you think, "the phrase top page is not possible". Well, wait a minute. Let us consider the title of the competition.

page title competition?Understand the

I recently attended a seminar on search engine optimization, one of the best secret seminar learned is this: the page title competition, rather than "the focus of competition. Because search engines like Google, in their algorithm on the same page and title in an important position, so check your keyword phrases and other existing page title competition is meaningful.

page title competition


had only 9 page title using the phrase "termites eradication". Although in the SEO world there is no guarantee that your page on termites eradication than termites to get good rankings, but the title of good if you can achieve a good ranking, of course, including a copy of the title page.

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