Let life change page optimization optimization of Shanghai dragon you

if you want to improve their visibility and brand value on the Internet client, create a brief background to your website, use the local pubs, bars or cafes to provide information on the information portal, its unique selling proposition is when setting the marketing content, showing a different sports, the target audience will be very interested in such an open up a fresh outlook activities.

1, the new access number

The main purpose of


site optimization

content optimization

More compelling content,

of a web site in which visibility? Analysis from the perspective of optimizing Shanghai Longfeng, should focus on analysis of three aspects:

marketing optimization

What is the

1, the movement is to make more visitors to the site, and to participate in the exercise related terms;

2, enhance brand awareness on the internet.

client is required for each page at the same time, we encourage customers to add more content at the top of the page, update the page layout algorithm of Google, from the analysis of Shanghai dragon angle, focus and content optimization enable more users to participate in the implementation process, the content, there are at least 350 – 400 words in on each page, the content is as natural as possible.

page optimization and good value construction strongly, as a Shanghai Longfeng optimization field, we will encounter all sorts of things in common sites, these sites is to create a good unique and attractive in content, Shanghai dragon world has always maintained a "content is king". But sometimes, it is difficult to convince customers, we need to add more content on the web site, while maintaining the aesthetic and website traffic analysis and investigation, can know the user experience, customer more love of other elements, such as image, video and other things, the negative is more attractive, rather than increase no more meaning.

improve the visibility of the brand value, the website is absolutely no problem for the new access website number, ranking the first page of the new site visitors from SERP increased significantly, the actual situation is effective, the use of non brand website, the number of new terms to organic people greatly increased.

Don’t underestimate the

game, bar (various bars appeared in their list of Ku Cunzhong), event reports page. The main problem of these conditions is that they do not have the static pages, the game every day in the update, described the timetable and the next few weeks old URL returns a 404. In order to optimize website structure can better meet the user’s vision, access, we need to identify two main objectives.

when we received from the client’s website, we will find that there is rarely a subdivision of the page on their website:

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