Lu Guofu the Domain is not in the first place and recovery method

yesterday when a colleague and a site responsible to Shanghai dragon Links friends exchange, was rejected, said the other reason is that our website has been down the right. I look at our site, all of the data is fairly normal, basic daily published articles will soon be included, site or flow when I came in, I found the domain domain name of the website home page is not displayed in the first place, so the friend directly refused our request, then domain the domain name is not in the home when you can prove that our website is down right? The Wuhan Shanghai dragon to express their own opinion:

two in the

update site is really easy to say, hard to do, when I get this blog passion high, basically every day a original, then go to the A5 Chinaz submission, passing rate is quite high, we all know that the search engine is love original thing, so early or on the website encountered such a thing, we must increase the content of high quality, the spider to our site, let it review our site.

chain to strengthenYou can see the basic

, my article will have to do within the chain, the chain’s role is to explain, can increase the relevance of our site, but also can increase the spider visit our website, can let the spider better access to every link of our site, in the chain can increase included in the site page, but also can effectively improve the weight of our site long tail word, in a word in the role of the chain is very strong, we must strengthen the. Share a little trick here, I pay attention to the friends of the blog will find me a lot of articles there are "Wuhan Shanghai"

we can find the search "is not the first home page domain" article, we found a lot of people to provide information that is the site is down right now, but we need to know the domian+ domain name represents what meaning, this website love Shanghai related domain, that is to say we use this command query representative refers to the domain name appeared in what other pages, apparently appeared on our website domain name page is a weight, and high and low, so love Shanghai will take this position to set out from the high low in accordance with its own set of methods to calculate the weight, so I domain think that home is not the first time is likely to be the weight of your home page is not enough, so there will be such a phenomenon! I found a lot of new sites will have such a phenomenon, domain is not in the article One is a new online is right to be reduced? Itself without the weight, how to drop the right argument? I this blog on the line after the first included the content, and then release the home page, it was the domain home page is not in the home for a week, I also spent a week time to get my home back first, now I had to share what had been done:

update website content

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