3 important factors that affect the ranking of the love of Shanghai

?The first factor

we want to talk about today is: with the potential demand for keywords,

potential demand, why the potential demand is an important factor to keyword ranking keywords? Then we talk about what is the needs of key words. We find that we are going to go to the mall to buy shoes, some colleagues said today we go to the mall to buy shoes! Then the key is not to buy shoes? But some friends will choose formal business shoes, some friends will choose leisure shoes, we also search keywords, is not the same keywords will have different needs we say? Search for air conditioning repair, air conditioning maintenance search is likely to need air conditioning repair, is likely to want to know the common air conditioning repair and maintenance knowledge, want to find some information, some may need these services, can see different keywords, with a different user search keywords is not the demand is not the same, we take this factor called keywords needs of users, that if you have never thought about what is the key to user needs, so this time I I want to tell you, even if you can put your keywords ranking in love Shanghai in the top five or top three, it is also short, may flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, will then have a week for two weeks, one month and two months on the OUT, and the length of time depends on your luck, why, because for you there is no scientific analysis, your main luck, just what you offer and keywords of the needs of users, the result is very strong, you won the lottery. For your keywords ranking is good, there are many examples here about a.

today to bring you the title is awesome! "In the 3 important factors of" love Shanghai ranking I really say for sure, this is you never before unheard of, listen to some element of the hearing, but to announce our today, so the 3 factors he is not much, but can and the application is very difficult to understand, we’ll see what are the 3 factors of


I had a student, he would venture in the big 3, now in Hangzhou opened a company, he is made of soybean isoflavone is a health care products in the elderly, through online sales, a typical confusion he recently met his ranking has been ranked eighth in ninth sometimes, in the floating, on page second or third pages, and then click on the network after his love into the third, but after a time he went down, down the right, what we found is a common phenomenon? Is a website to him and not for a long time, can this web site for a long time there are a lot of factors, the first is the key station frame page layout and the locations of the product you are matching, besides this there is one of the most important factors is that we just mention it Keywords the demand factors, he has not taken into account, then we said to him, his template is such that he did love soy isoflavones, but we studied the first page of Baiai soybean isoflavones in the first page of the web site, you can go to love.

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