Analysis of a simple case to a memory 2012

fortunately, in December 21st, the so-called "doomsday" no! Then we will continue to optimize the road. Yesterday, Hangzhou Shanghai dragon year will be held as scheduled in Hangzhou, the meeting by a company director Bai Bing optimization (netizens) hosted the annual meeting in Shanghai in 2012 we summarize the history of the dragon, 4 hours after the meeting, the meeting content I do not do fine, meeting a case to Shanghai dragon take out to share.

anchor text


blogger said this station, he did not how to pipe, or his assistant to help write a beauty reprint.


this is one of my friends out of view, it is only a personal opinion. Finally, bloggers say some opinions on this blog is a new domain name domain name, it is not "new" blog,

reason is that I have found through Shanghai Longfeng quake, the site of the source domain is 54, 10421 is the total number of the chain, I think since bloggers said they do not deliberately send the chain now that so many of the chain should be the weight of old domain name transfer, as well as the anchor text of the chain power.


together with other domains, for several years, the ranking has been good, but in June by K, for such a domain name, may be the old domain name is love Shanghai to restore ranking, new domain of weight transfer, and perhaps their own "Inaction" effect. The home through the tool but also take a look at this website, found this website as blogger myself should be the weight of old domain name transfer.


this is done before the guests Shanghai dragon, is now responsible for the operation, he usually do one or two blogs, the meeting, he cited a own blog. At the same time, this blog also caused a sensation at the meeting. The main keywords "this blog Hangzhou Shanghai dragon", reached the first. Maybe you don’t think much, but this is a railway station, the chain number is only more than 80, the server is Hongkong virtual host, the basic content is not original. This is what

The domain name

and trans

3. luck.


1. stack?

, why should we look for the host. Some people have expressed their ideas or speculation, I listed a few.

2. the purchase of a large number of black chain, for short-term rankings.

but, you see, the title of this description did not seem to have deliberately stack. Even the "Hangzhou", appear in the picture.

He is ?

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