A chain exchange fraud traps everywhere five fraud owners need to be cautious

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this method now few people used, especially many site program version of the upgrade, coupled with the framework of the program itself is not conducive to search engine optimization, the construction of the framework of iframe website program was originally popular rarely, so the possibility of using this method to cheat link is also reduced, after all, is not conducive to optimize your website this kind of deception! In addition, is also very easy through the webmaster tools to check it out, then use the iframe framework to deceive the value is not high, but for the webmaster friends know about

chain in exchange, not Everything is going smoothly. especially now, exchange chain has to deceive the prevailing era, many owners will accidentally become victims, and many owners become victims also don’t know, it is a very regrettable thing, the author summarizes the following five common friends the chain of fraud, hope the webmaster friends can exchange in a chain with a pair of eye, to avoid the risk chain trap

is the most primitive, is in the lowest level of deception, after all, to let others see through, but this method has many friends in the chain of deception, occupy a very important position, the main reason is simple operation, after another is a chain, many webmaster will not return, if return it is the first few days, found no problems, it is easy to ignore, it is these crooks take advantage of the weakness of human nature, often through this simple method to cheat successfully, so for our webmaster, to avoid the risk of fraud is also very simple, I can visit

chain exchange in website optimization is self-evident, it can be said that the optimization algorithm to love Shanghai very much, is to do around the friends of the chain, high quality links many recommend a website, this website will undoubtedly be love Shanghai that is great helpful website for users, this website rankings is a natural thing! So now there have been devoted to the exchange links for the work of the occupation of

search engine is now no way to identify the JS script in the text, these words can also be made of hyperlinks, so many people have an ulterior motive playing JS, crazy and others exchange chain, their weight is not lost, but also the website bring profits, but also can guide the website weight of others it is, too, and this kind of deception, many webmaster tools, there is no way to detect, after all JS is an indispensable language website! It has now become the main flow chain exchange method for cheating, webmasters can only break through the spider.

three: use js script to call


: after the exchange chain, delete the

two: iframe framework cheat link method

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