Enterprise news release four essentials

four is easier said than done, this needs the webmaster friends do not do the station, it is impossible to obtain good rankings, haven’t heard a word? Not tasted bitter one. This article from Hubei Cheng Li (贵族宝贝clczzc贵族宝贝) A5 starting

is the title of this article is the eyes on users and search engines, according to previous data showed that 80% of users see the article is through the title "temptation" in the visible in the title under foot is undoubtedly adds luster to the article 70%. In addition to remind everyone a little if the website news section with subtitle function, also a bit.

some webmaster friends in the pursuit of the so-called "absolute original love" always pull many irrelevant content, for example, I do have some industry station stationmaster often wrote "coach car to meet a beauty on the road today…" Wait。 Is this the user will see? At that time included the engine in time, believe that soon will be deleted, so we need to write with industry related articles, the first few segments to the point, the highlights on the front, firmly grasp the user’s line of sight, do not reverse the order, otherwise it is useless.

, please indicate the source!

four, the small

, a timely grasp of the market hot spots

three, be sure to write relevant articles

every day, pay attention to the market trends, seize the hot topic is equal to the target customer is what information products are most concerned about, or even if you write how to reach the acme of perfection will not get the user’s favor. Here we should first to reflect, if you see an article written in a very lively, but after reading did not understand that the information you need to know, how would you like this article?

is a good news to the website can bring a lot of traffic and greatly reproduced, can even enhance the user experience and good spider love Shanghai. General business news station so many stations grew up as a headache, original articles do not say first, even the pseudo original is difficult. So the Internet also often see the post "XXX enterprise news station how to write this article I hope to write to the webmaster help.

two, the title of the article priority among priorities

twenty-first Century is a fast paced era, people have become accustomed to the fast reading habits, big big articles and people are not in love, so we have to do to reduce the short, concise and comprehensive, allowing users to quickly understand the information content of guest. If a character is too long, then we must be segmented so easily readable and reasonable, users are naturally interested in.


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