From the search market Ali cloud search is just a substitute

how? as like as two peas


Ali cloud search and YAHOO search story

Both the

(except LOGO)

‘s search market, love Shanghai occupy too much, more than 70% of the market share, but also firmly occupy the entrance, while the 360 relies on the browser entrance has 10%, Sogou browser plus client + soso has advantages, but Ali cloud is nothing, if you want to do shopping, a cat should be how to do but, want to do the search, completely impossible to enter into, as earlier, burst out of immediate search, a market share of nearly 0, no alternative to flowers, "


Ali cloud search and the overall layout of the search market

Effect of

No gossip, directly above the search "webmaster"

here since Ali cloud and YAHOO search in the structure, the content is the same, you can think of the last Ali and YAHOO’s story, since all shares of Alibaba will buy it, then YAHOO search should be how to do this, we can make nothing of it, however, from this point of view it is Ali ready to retain a search, using YAHOO’s technology and data that we naturally see Ali cloud search. After all, when the two after everything seemed part company each going his own way, once a stay to oneself, also give yourself a miss.


Remember earlier burst out, to merge Sogou soso, I think it is a good thing ah, since the front two is too strong, then the back of the collective development, it is very good, but Sogou after several years of development, the technology is also constantly innovation and change, believe that for the whole search share will have a great impact, if coupled with the Tencent, to some traffic, so is bound to bring huge impact. Sogou can do, so Ali cloud search can

what we can see from this picture? Is that a page basically exactly the same, when you see this kind of situation, it means that the search is to complete aliyun YAHOO search database, just for a domain name, can only say that Ali cloud search now is just another YAHOO, want to have a strong effect on the search market, or it is too difficult.

, respectively.

report said yesterday, "Ali cloud search" officially launched, so some of the media blowing like this miraculous, search the market but also a strong and powerful opponent, but after all these years, is for the domestic search market is not clear, the domestic search traffic arrangement, love Shanghai 360, search, Sogou soso +, then the other noble baby Hongkong, under this arrangement, let us look at Ali cloud search.

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