A5 marketing the basic situation of Shanghai Dragon Enterprise webmaster how to analyze peer website

then, analysis of the number of Web sites included. The above said there were a lot of content was collected after site to bring the weight, weight and the chain will give home very high, resulting in home page rankings, this is why we need to emphasize "do"

for capacity, there is also a difference in large sites and small sites, today the author mainly said the small size of the website, many enterprises website included more weight is also high, this is because their website in the capacity of lot, mostly to the long tail keywords to write the article, more weight users included the search is naturally high, so how much has the analysis of high ranking sites within the volume, you must look beyond their number in a long time.

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first, site size and capacity analysis. Have to say this is the webmaster of intuitive judgment, is the same, the first analysis of the website directly on the website of the scale and capacity analysis. The size of the site on behalf of a website is large or small, there is a big industry website, portal website, classified information website, the website of the scale is very large, and the home will have a very high ranking, the main reason is that large website content is very much, the weight of huge internal chain will give the largest home. The enterprise website belongs to the small site, a lot of enterprises for the content is not very seriously, some enterprise website just update news content, and home page ranking down, this is the difference between large and small, after all, it is placed in the scale, so the scale of analysis.

two, the website included quantity

analysis of the competitor’s website still have a lot of benefits, such as can improve their optimization method, can increase their optimization method, can dig the chain resources, see each other website content can do false original, these are the benefits analysis. Always speaking, can analyze the competitor’s website to learn Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon. Recently, the author of the communication group because this topic began to "strike violently", part of the webmaster is to analyze from inside and outside the chain chain angle, but the author also have different understanding, the author analysis from the site size, the volume and the amount collected, chain, chain etc.. To be more specific, the author will write out the enterprise Adsense exchange views.

you are not only a short while ago, want to improve their site through optimization analysis of the competitor’s website, believe that many webmaster will this idea, this idea is not in fact, every open site ranking webmaster have this idea, because only the enemy can win, this is a big the benefits for the webmaster. At present, the major industry enterprises have also begun to do site optimization, business owners to make the enterprise website can grow rapidly, the first thing is to analyze competitors and peer enterprise website, through the analysis of their enterprise website increase also improved, as can be imagined, Shanghai Longfeng analysis of a website is very important the.

site analysis scale and capacity

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