As a webmaster what do you think of the so called black hat

Black hat

, a black hat to hype

, Shanghai encyclopedia above is analytic love like this, all the means used or suspected of cheating, can be called black hat. I believe that just entered the Shanghai dragon industry friends to look at black hat optimization techniques like treat drugs, are afraid to touch even dare not to understand. But often have some understanding of this industry, there are some people slowly contact black hat, and that everyone says "black hat" is not really can lead to the black hat K station. Why would this be?

I just want to say to the novice, it is difficult to define the optimization means of black and white, because the search engine algorithm is constantly updated, today is the white hat optimization method, but who can guarantee that after?. Before a keyword is not increased the accumulation of black hat, but now the accumulation of keywords is a means of cheating, and can be said to have no effect. So the black hat and white hat is difficult to define, in general, lead to optimization of website drop right is the black cap, capable of ranking optimization methods are stable website white hat.

why some website a few years or so low weight, some months love Shanghai weight will rise to 4 or 5. This is not really a black hat, but some optimization techniques. Website optimization is to support dead bold, timid starved to death. They can quickly enhance the love of Shanghai weight, he must have some optimization techniques, must try to continue to test, generally is the home of the resurrection. But these optimization techniques can not reveal too many people know that if most people skills to evolve into a "black hat will use".

two, the search engine algorithm to update

here in the first sentence statement, I am not respected by the optimization technique of black hat, and I did not have the technology. The general Shanghai dragon training education in Shanghai Longfeng novice do not use black hat to search engine optimization, if the punishment to Shanghai dragon Er scored at the bottom of the hell, forever and ever. Of course, Shanghai dragon training institutions are not all wrong, black hat is easy to cause the site was K, should guide the novice detours. But now advocate white hat, not always white? As I participated in the Shanghai dragon training training, say what structure around a word, an article to appear many words, what is the frequency you? Now look at how many good website ranking is to take this method? Shanghai dragon itself is not black and white, just try a little more different optimization methods, to study more, to find suitable for their optimization method.

optimization techniques can quickly ranked

defects Three,

although we say the black hat is not black hat, but seldom go to the novice or certification, just parroting. In fact, what website ranking better, more or less will use some black hat means, just look at how much is this you. Not optimizing a website with all the black hat means, this will only set himself on fire. Can >

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