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of course many times, in the use of search, not able to search results, because the user search habits is diverse, the content of the website is still limited, if we find the user in the search for a keyword, although there is no direct result, but also the user operation page such as we should. These are as potential demand, can consider the site to quickly add information content of this part.

user search keywords sometimes spelling errors in the input, or the user may input the fuzzy definition of the phrase, which can directly search and search keywords analysis improvement to confirm that your site is not exist this kind of behavior, so we need to recommend

we can see, especially for the electricity supplier website, station search function is good or bad, can create more profits to the site, station Nene search can be said to be a more complex function, especially when trying to optimize it better, so many large companies have a special team to study and improve search function. Consider using site analysis method to optimize the work goal and more explicit in the optimization search, at the same time by comparing the corresponding optimization measure before and after the site analysis, can provide a quantitative reference index for strong optimization effect.

to offer suggestions for improvement and results of some keywords for users theKeywords

for an e-commerce site, the biggest goal is profit. Then we analyzed the search, can through the background of statistical data, analysis of each user search order conversion rate, the completion of the transaction, and the profit of each search made, these can become our site optimization, the best evidence for the selection of the most appropriate keywords.

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with the amount of information, website column number, the number of content gradually, in general we single page or navigation is difficult to find the target, then we need to turn the station search, we can search the statistical function of station to analyze the user’s search habits and needs, these data are very valuable. To make your site more close to the user to do.


through CNZZ webmaster statistics and site search statistics, we can easily find a user habits, the user in the search of love love Shanghai is often a brand manufacturers or search keywords, and to the specific type of station often tend to search for products, so we can know which products and content is not the relationship, we can be more refinement and optimization of this kind of product information etc..

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