How do the webmaster website keyword optimization


Related words and keywords? In other words are words related to the user search keywords is. We have 4399 games as examples. 4399 network title is "small games, online games, double games, 4399>

how to do site optimization keywords? This is Shanghai dragon optimization need to understand the familiar problem, and is one of the lessons of Shanghai dragon ER must do every day. Below we summarize the three steps of Web site keywords Optimization: the choice of keywords, keyword density, keyword anchor text.



is to do foreign trade business people who want to learn more about the foreign trade information will search keywords in the search engine or foreign trade; to do foreign trade business on the Internet they will search keywords B2B; Dunhuang network is an online transaction as the core of the B2B small wholesale trade platform. Keywords why foreign trade and B2B search volume in the past few years have higher promotion, but the Dunhuang network search volume from 0 to about 8000 now, more than foreign trade and B2B search volume keywords! Because you want to do foreign trade business think of Dunhuang network, so they will search the Dunhuang net, this is keywords

brand keywords keyword related wordsWhat is the



from the 4399 game and keywords index comparison chart, we can see the user from the beginning of the search game content to be much larger than the amount of 4399, the search volume gradually flat, then now is beyond the search volume. The 4399 has become a brand of small game, but the 4399 is the brand word


1. keywords


network in Dunhuang, foreign trade and B2B keywords index comparison chart

we look for example:

4399 and game keywords index comparison chart


Li Xingping’s 4399 game site is a good example of


keyword is mainly located in the name of the brand website. The content of the website may your site name and you do nothing, but this is not important, when your website content is familiar to users, more users will search for your brand keywords, instead of keyword search related words.

what is the brand keywords? The definition of brand: product nameplate (category), for the identification of the product (category) or service identification, image etc.. It is through a series of brand marketing and promotion activities, the formation of an image in the minds of customers cognition, thus making their products and competitors’ products to distinguish. This is also the role of brand keywords.

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