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second, I found that whether the enterprise station or other station, many people are not aware of the internal links all point to the home page is actually a mistake, most people think that it can increase the weight of the home page, the home page in the rankings have more advantages. In fact, this is not the case, if all the internal links to the home page, then the search engine must think your link is not natural, human intervention, search engine will think is cheating. The internal links should do not all links to the home page, such as the A article appeared in the keyword C, then C is the B keyword keyword, you can put the c keyword anchor text links to the B keyword page, and should not be linked to the home! It is more natural, and it also chain will become a huge spider web, not only can effectively improve the included, can effectively improve the spider access time and access to deep natural ranking will be quite good!

drop right!

third is Links, personal suggestions Links or peers, actually to choose Links low weight, also can choose, you can look at his website, if included and rankings are relatively good, the weight can be reduced, not necessarily rigid to choose you the weight of the same! In addition, does not recommend the Links chain to the inside pages, unless your pages in your web site is special, because if you link to the inside pages, will lead to weight too scattered, weight is not very good, for ranking is also very big, and Links must every day a recent investigation, love Shanghai updated more frequently, one day your partner’s site was K.

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now most of the enterprises inside the station the page often are a short article with a few, even a few of the 10 anchor text, do not have to stack keywords of the suspects, or a serious cheating behavior, in fact, a number of anchor text is related to an article and the length of the personally think that the anchor text, 1% proposals in an article, for enterprise stand for, the update itself is relatively short, and most of the length of the paper is not particularly large, gentle suggestions for enterprise stand for an article, an anchor text is enough, do not have too many overlapping


recently, gentle analysis on several websites, found a problem, the enterprise website internal waste much of the anchor text too much, and the station was full of the anchor text point to the home page, do not give you the website not only bring good rankings, and can lead to

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