Wu Hongsheng then start pushing the onion account cloud security system after the first showAfter 80


two, determine the appropriate market positioning



I have the psychological quality of failure

from each big website database have been leaked, hit the library, personal account security issues have surfaced, sites prone to security vulnerabilities, the database is fundamental reason is because of the steal website, R & D personnel safety level is high, and the individual user’s login account information to inert habits, or repeated use a single password. In the face of account security requirements, the onion can not only provide two times the existing authentication method, provides open self-service cloud management platform for website and enterprise, individual users and enterprises in a unified client onion APP to achieve cross platform, real-time synchronization, encryption storage, centralized management of account security requirements, both fix the cumbersome login, and can solve the problem of account security.

4 what benefits does our product or service give the buyer? For a simple example, your product is an online marketing training course. What the client wants is not the course, but what he wants is the benefits he can bring after the course is finished. For example, the multiplication of the company’s performance, the knowledge of the Internet

recently, focusing on internet account login security of cloud computing enterprise Secken siecom Technology issued a "onion" cloud security token account system, this is the founder of DNSPod Wu Hongsheng from the Tencent to start again after the departure, the first show.

traditional login is not only tedious, but also prone to security risks

in fact, the "dynamic secret" login account security products is not a new thing, the traditional game companies to provide hardware authentication password, online banking system provides a dynamic password login and other hardware token type has its depositors to protect the safety of users It is often seen. game assets, in the way the field of Internet security verification also includes the mainstream SMS verification, two-dimensional code scanning, mobile phone "verification of Push". But these security login operation is relatively cumbersome, the security system including integrated shlf1314 or 2FA self verification system, there are high cost and safety investment, login logic is not stable, single verification and binding cumbersome, or even other major security vulnerabilities stored in plain text.  

3 what are our characteristics? Find ourselves different from other people’s unique "selling point",

market positioning, should mainly take into account their own resources to play advantages, expertise, most afraid of blind imitation. Chinese people have "herd" wrong, you have to be careful! If you want to do now is not to be done, then you will take the lead. The core of Network Entrepreneurship lies in a "creative" word, in this "creative" word embodied in the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship.

as long as innovation, there will always be accompanied by failure, but in constant innovation and exploration, you will be closer to success. The East is not bright, the west is bright, the south is not bright and the north is bright. What is the "heaven without the road of the people"? The great truth is interlinked. For an online entrepreneurs, has tried to two or three kinds of business lost, is commonplace. Ann Dongsheng teacher when online entrepreneurship, once tested 100 different products.

– account onion cloud security token system home owners plan

onions for individual users and enterprise users to provide account login system upgrade program, solve it through the system?? a management center and mobile phone APP, allow businesses and households to achieve rapid and safe landing? Account authentication, account login, which solves the security problem, the last hit the library and other traditional risk login problem.

information group Dongsheng teachers through investigation and analysis, found some online business rules, though not but these experiences are golden laws and precious rules, following a comprehensive summary of online business success footprint. Entrepreneurship should be based on their actual situation, flexible use.

three, marketing is the key,

onion provides a reliable account security management service,

network business, we should focus on marketing. No marketing, where does the customer come from? Where does the business come from? Where does the revenue come from? Where did your success come from? All this comes from the marketing of the enterprise. To do this, you need to seriously consider the following questions:


1 why do we start a business? Understand the intention of entrepreneurship and the intention of online marketing.

Internet era, online business has become the first choice with many entrepreneurs, however, there are not many real success, why is it

onion https://s.yangcong/ is a cloud based account security login tool, is the first based on websites, businesses, individuals, three parties open account, cloud security system. It is through the integrated dynamic token, two-dimensional code scanning, mobile phone to confirm login, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, multi dimension authentication, help to enhance the user account security, prevent personal accounts stolen and protect account security.

2 what kind of industry do we create? Identify the products or services you want to operate.

since the choice of entrepreneurship, it chose the risk, continuous testing, adjustments to minimize risk, and constantly optimize their own business plan.

if it is an enterprise, if there are already mature products, plus considerable market demand, this can not be a problem. If the company’s existing products or market, would like to use the Internet for adjustments, or are you interested individuals, using the Internet to provide entrepreneurial convenience, become entrepreneurs, market positioning is the primary consideration.

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