For this man Xu Xiaoping do not hesitate to anger Shen Napeng you start will give you money The

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gave a great inspiration to Dan, who decided to be a Chinese Capital One. Thus, the purchase of a young man locked blue collar buying 3C products consumer financial market.

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another reason is that Ali’s mother’s ad position, the appearance will be very beautiful, and unlike sh419 and shlf1314 look like. All text or all pictures advertising, the overall beauty of the page to be discounted. And Ali mother will not. Ali’s mother has done a great job. For new sites, there is no benefit, basically free, or close to free. Mom do is no matter how much you can always give you the advertising website, let you do, and pay commissions, although less for the new webmaster, watching every day in rising numbers, my heart is happy. Can also confidently invest in the construction of the site.

the reason why choose Ali mother a lot, the first reason is that sh419 and shlf1314 two advertising do not, I was kicked out, but another way out. Find the Ali Mama, which is also a lot of twists and turns, the domain name was previously used, and are bound, had a tremendous effort to fix. Finally, Ali’s mother’s ad appeared on my web page. What a relief.

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Hu Dan has carried on the analysis of Chinese consumer finance market in the beginning: since the white-collar has been credit card and BATJ coverage is very full, it is better to do credit rating less in the white-collar group, and this group of students, including blue collar, farmers three people.


when the founder of the founder of Dan Dan is still vice president of Sequoia Capital, Xu Xiaoping is very optimistic about him: "you start, I will give you money."." Then in March 2014, Hu Danzhen’s resignation started, when Xu Xiaoping "even he does what all don’t know."." He decided to invest in him. In addition to Xu Xiaoping’s real fund, buy a knight’s angel round investors, as well as sh419 veteran Ren Xuyang figure.

of course, Shen Napeng wasn’t really angry, and Sequoia later invested in the "buy one". In October 2014, the buyer obtained Sequoia Capital and venture capital venture capital of $15 million A round of investment.

is very important, Ali mother is not your pipe site, there is no construction and content is substantial, perfect, as long as you enter your domain name, you can access your web site. You can get an ad position.

because the campus loans have many start-up companies to enter, and Hu Dan think higher risk, the first to give up the market. And the low Internet level of peasant groups, therefore, "clothes >"

specializes in investment by Xu Xiaoping quotphysiognomy lawquot, believes that early investment is investment.

is the capital one

data is very general, only in the home at banner, the middle of two, put the bar of the Ali Mama advertising, meager receipts from here. Daily income has little, because the flow is not stable, but a few days on average, every day a dollar income, has been very good.

search engines takes time seconds

, who owns so many well-known investment firms, is a company that offers a small consumer installment service for young blue collar workers?. Currently has 1 million 500 thousand users, the line covers more than 180 cities and towns, and maintained rapid growth.

in July 2015 and February 2016, respectively B and buy a single man round and C round of financing, investors include Jingdong, Shun capital finance, Morningside ventures, Renren etc.. As of now, the history of the financing of the purchase of a total of $86 million 970 thousand.

therefore, Xu Xiaoping joked that he angered boss Shen Napeng Hu Dan at the time, "I secretly invested Hu Dan, prompting Shen Napeng bate, although Shen Napeng is my good friend, but in order to support entrepreneurs, I am not afraid to offend him, I said to him," next time your people I will still support entrepreneurship. ""

recently, I had a website with my classmate named "ball ball",’

250 million population, two trillion giant market,


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if you set up a new station, just do a good job, is not much traffic, traffic or less, even the basic ICP record information are not perfect, SEO is on, almost not be included, the case believe that each site is experienced, because we are from the new start of the

in China

as the founder of the purchase of Dan, Hu Dan actually had the idea of entrepreneurship. During the reading of MBA in Standford, Hu Dan listened to a second American credit card companies Capital One founder Richard Fairbank Capital One speech, the use of statistical models for users of credit from the bank and credit card service.

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