From an experience of perception we can understand the ways of making money on the nternetThe sale

because the view of a lot of people many people are to buy, and they sold a total of one hundred thousand ~ ~ that is for 200 thousand people view, we can imagine, we arrived at 7 o’clock, can only buy 9 o’clock movie tickets. It’s cold outside, so the studio also offers coffee shops, bakeries, dessert shops, and video games, of course.

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this example is very consistent with the thinking of our Internet age. Product or application itself is not profitable, but as long as the collection of popularity, and then want to how you can this part of everyone is generally optimistic, but the real difficulty is really how to gather popularity. So, if you don’t have a lot of popularity, think about how you can make money out of these popular places. Give two examples.


second cases: micro-blog to marketing.

e-commerce, sports fitness, health care, life information, business economics, scenic travel sites.

cause of the matter: I bought a 29 yuan movie ticket on a group buying website for two people to view. The original price is 200. Holding the mood to try, I came to the studio. The environment is better than I thought, at the same time with 29 yuan in exchange for two tickets, worth 140 yuan, but also can add ten yuan to buy two cups of cola, a cup of popcorn. At this point, I have a question in my mind. What a free lunch! What profit do they make?

Taobao mall in November 11th marketing activities are very successful, many shops have sold high prices of goods in the end how many people buy affordable things, we will not say. But I personally learned through micro-blog that there would be an event that day. What else can’t be done by micro-blog now,

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movies are the core demand of the audience, but they also have time to spare. Since the film is so cheap, it doesn’t mean anything else. So who says businesses need to sell movie tickets to make money?

currently has tens of thousands of fans, who literally send a link and search for thousands of hits. So earn money, of course, to do this is very difficult, very high prestige, you need the same level of quality of the delivery.

trading fund network broadcast alone, click on the ad line, 50 yuan /1000IP.

they sell this stuff at very little cost, but they sell very well. It’s worth a lot of friends who want to start. I observed for three days, they sold 80 must see 10 animated cartoons, Oscar classic film highlights.

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