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model 1: electronic magazine and e-commerce combination, theory is not good explanation, I use an example here to explain, I hope we can apply their knowledge.

shlf1314’s ad on the right is really a very simple thing, but many Internet companies cheat customers by not knowing the loopholes in shlf1314’s advertising laws, so it’s easy to get fooled. Usually agents say

mode: two electronic magazines and websites, product promotion together, I also use examples to explain, with my website to explain, my website is on the promotion of learning, we do this on the website to promote learning electronic magazine, some articles, links to get a few websites in the article, it can bring some traffic to your site, but also be able to sell some of the products.

this article first promotion study www.topxuexi, welcome reprint, please indicate the source, thank you!

if you have a website is the electronic commerce website of female franchise cosmetic products, in order to improve your product sales, you might as well do the electronic magazine about the female beauty, write about how beauty ah like the article, with recommended several good cosmetic results are of course, products are sold on your site, given the link address, so that the target user targeted, the turnover rate is high, the electronic magazine, there are a lot of sharing electronic magazine website online, you share what you can, you can also store a combination of.

on the Internet since the electronic magazine production software free, making a beautiful electronic magazine is no longer difficult, therefore, to discuss the profit pattern of electronic magazine is necessary, I according to the experience of several of their own, hoping to help.

and Taobao

account opening fee or service charge: some receive 100 yuan, some receive 200 yuan, and some charge 100 yuan for every 500 yuan. feeling is out of nothing, where does it come from? Ggyy says there are $5 open accounts to be verified
2. exchange rate 1:10:, in fact, the exchange rate, who do not know?
3. minimum 0.5 yuan per click? The actual rate is 5 cents.
4, monthly, package year system: the most deceptive is this one, how customers cheated? shlf1314 only click billing from this statement. What is: customer to expose a proxy package 1500 yuan, a month. The agent was happy and made a big profit! Just submit to shlf1314 first, at most 150 yuan, there are a variety of control standards in the display mode, such as the election of $1 per day. OK, the ads have been sent up. The shlf1314 will be tightly controlled and will be ordered out of $1 a day. In this way, the customer’s advertisement is not displayed on the goolge every day, but it is displayed intermittently and is controlled within 1 dollars per day. 150 yuan has been finished, a month may have been nearly 20 days. Usually by this time, the customer at every day, less attention has been paid to the customer, if asked, then add some money to then give customers 1500 yuan agents, agents may be the actual earn 1350 yuan.
5. Why not? Maybe when the customer is chasing questions, the agent may say: "the reason for the announcement is that your advertisement has been suspended. Wait a minute and submit it immediately.". the middle end of the show may have been several days since the customer found a general inquiry to find an agent. The fact is that shlf1314 will automatically suspend when the click rate of this keyword is less than 5% of the keyword display.
6. Guarantee rankings: click your website several times, consume some, not go up
7. For a very high price, and then if you feel expensive, as prices continue to decline,
8, to a so-called click not money sounds very attractive and then offer turnkey so-called impression advertising quotation: in fact this is a shlf1314 data report only.

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