Taobao customers earn monthly 6W experience sharingshlf1314 Adsense pragmatic awareness and service

you know I’m not a left leg disability, at the age of 17 I began to work to earn money to feed themselves, but because you have no degree, no professional technology, after several years of work a bit technical, not easy to find enterprises also dismissed. Because the leg is not convenient, so I want to find a can work at home, Taobao customer on the Internet after think for themselves, to do now, go on the road is also off the Taobao rogue, if I were a normal person, I may have been doing their own outdoor advertising design.

, why do Taobao customers? After our interview propaganda manuscript published by the amount of the transfer, some of my friends are not in doubt, use some grey means to earn 6W a month?

has friends suspected that I earn 60 thousand a month is understandable, after all, now the network want to hype, famous people are also many, but I want to say is, I don’t have to do so. I’m in "I am Taobao off, I said, Chiang’s army" of this post in July is my real income income figure, because this article is posted in Taobao alliance "Symposium" strong "slow show" activities, Taobao alliance to be true, transparent, fair, open, so you don’t doubt.


special guest small head self introduction, thank you so love me, I am Jiang Junjun, net small head with rejoice, I am a left thigh not disabled, 05-09 has been engaged in outdoor advertising design, also in 09 years the company was dismissed from the outside, do not want to work, want to have a at home, Taobao has always insisted on the guest do now. Been a Taobao customer for over 2 years.

are many ways to make money, is to promote the online tutorial, there are many, forum, blog, group and website and so on are people doing, I remember that there is a girl to do SNS promotion, a month can earn a few million yuan, the blog promotion Master I have seen, each share the tens of thousands of people click. However, I want to tell you is the method of keywords ranking, online promotion methods I just contact Taobao customer said I almost all tried, are very tired very hard, then understand SEO, keywords ranking, it also tries to do, have effect after it has always adhered to. We all know that sh419 is China’s biggest search engine, Internet users can use sh419 Search Chinese love from sh419, the flow is considerable, no weight in the site, don’t choose the flow of words, because the weight is not enough, did not do keywords before, choose some long tail word to optimize so, the competition is relatively small, easy in the first row, the site title, website set and try not to change, to do the chain, do.

, today login shlf1314 Adsense backstage, suddenly thought of 2 problems:

1 does shlf1314 have an art designer? Is his page beautiful? Is it beautiful?
2 the sense of service is not that you have an account, you have to earn money for him, then, even more, more appropriate service.We do not


with mian:Have you applied for a shlf1314

to apply for a shlf1314 Adsense account: right link to quickly apply for shlf1314 account

two, let’s share the experience of making money from Taobao customers, how you are going to be a Taobao customer, and how you can make money. What are your methods and ideas?

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