Do SEO = happy Amoy promotion effortsEight common anti cheat technologies in online advertising


      4, according to ALEXA data to prevent cheating: ALEXA is not a standard, but it is an excellent reference tool, when the value of a large ALEXA site had hits high, you doubt, traffic come from?

                    about on Thursday about it, I managed to sell the first baby, oh, still very happy, because that his idea is correct, but only back to 70 Fen, second days when I opened the mom when found and sold two pieces, third days sold two pieces, today I put I think it should be online users will choose to search for items purchased in sh419 and GG have been classified, and then optimize it three days to sell what price less than ten yuan, but I got is to change things and Amoy SEO experience, as long as go missing, to know how to go on, and work hard, I think I can do what I want to Amoy or target, to dry, put things on it. I’m going to go back to my B2C online mall! Ha ha! It’s still fun today! Hope to have a good dream!

      3, click ratio on-line settings: the average rate of 5% from 99 years down to less than 1%, of course, there is still the need to cross rate of object oriented and visitors to the page advertising, the higher the correlation said the page and advertising more, click rate is high. The rich media ads in 2% to 5%, 0.1% to 1% in the general picture, and picture of creativity, can be set when the click rate exceeds a certain percentage may cheat expo-plast alliance set up in 8%. The most common way to improve click rate is to simulate WINDOWS system prompts, analog closing buttons, and seductive pictures of beautiful women’s passion.

      2, COOKIES to prevent cheating when you visit a page, and COOKIE will record, when the next time you visit the page, and submit the same COOKIES parameter, you can not judge repeated charging. The flaw in this approach is that it is easy to change physical information for cheating, such as clearing COOKIES.

      thieves and cheats are evil, but in life there is objectivity; cheating and cheating are equally hateful, but not very defensive. It is impossible to put an end to it, and prevention is a responsibility of all our advertisers. The following is the current anti cheating way easy advertising alliance in the use of several, hope to each network marketing to bring a little help.


      1, IP prevent cheating: General billing is in accordance with the 24 hours only IP, can be IP each entry in the database, the next access IP and IP database already exists at the same time, is not charging. Now the Internet is generally dynamic IP, cheats through the dial-up device offline to achieve change IP address, you can through the C section IP to identify, such as a large number of 218.175.11.x, the same C section of the IP number, you may cheat. Can be submitted by IP encryption, and then by the receiver to decrypt the record storage, you can put an end to the use of analog data submitted to cheating.

through the INTERNET option

as a webmaster all know the large B2B site of Ali Baba Ali mother B2B B2C C2C wife is a platform for professional webmaster webmaster in a page, which in addition to sell advertising, can also receive advertising, but advertising can be sold, in addition to taking it to the webmaster of price war, but also to take to customers can sell their own site advertising and earn four a month or more, but not much, but the plan is still pretty mom in Taobao’s business interests, to pull in, let the webmaster to promote, in order to dividends, rebate,

          I was one of them to make the promotion of Taobao, just started doing really don’t know how to do, put a flow into DEDECMS, then almost anything you put Taobao to sell, of course, everything just to pick two or three, then choose add me to the online shopping user search habits of words to do TITLE optimization, but ah, wait and wait, the past nearly a month, what did not sell, I am from the updated once a day, to update once for three days, the last seven days update once, not to earn money ah, no power, and I am responsible for nearly twenty sites, time is limited, do not make money only, in the last week, I analyzed that I do not make money Taobao promotion website, the problem is that, like a long time, only to find that I have been forgotten And find something in the search engine are those people, their buying habits and why not pat, not in Taobao, but in sh419 or GG to find something to buy, it is especially important to me, so I chose a guest items, virtual equipment online promotion and optimization.

      5, the source of statistics to prevent cheating: 1, record the click path page, namely ads page address, can be manually placed advertising is correct, check whether the next leading adverse statement. 2, record the placement of advertising pages, each station >

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