How do you upgrade your pet industry Wow want to be a small and beautiful provider in the field o


"three shareholders" will secretaries to torture tired, they are too eager to "three shareholders" problem to have a solution — a personal understanding of the three types of shareholders "problem, resolve the possibility of more.

three new board is the hardest hit three categories of shareholders. Before the listing of materials submitted to clean up three categories of shareholders, naturally become the preferred IPO company. But the cleanup process like spilled water back to.

for some early focus on the overseas market in recent years to the transformation of domestic market of high-end pet product manufacturers, in this kind of wonderful wow and brand new brand for the contact, these people do not understand the domestic pet supply channels, in the long run, these manufacturers also have the opportunity to wow their wonderful plant resources, provide the conditions for the later, the independent production of homemade brand.

both sides have a clear purpose, and that would be better. After several rounds of "friendly consultations," Zhang Liang agreed with two of its shareholders, the big shareholders, to buy back shares at a reasonable return of 10-20%.

secretaries Zhang Liang in the verification of shareholders, found three special shareholders. The company has long issued guidance announcements, a month ago, the company by way of making market agreements before and after, but there are three "three types of shareholders" through the two market to buy shares of the company, only bought 1000-2000 shares.

read Jun in the completion of this process, encountered every three new board intends IPO company secretaries, instinctively refused to disclose the company’s three shareholders to the outside world, and finally agreed to visit the king read.

Designer: joint agent and designer models of different joint models also have some wonderful wow means copyright products, so the products can achieve domestic production, reduce the cost and enhance revenue in addition, more important is to achieve a "wow" wonderful brand exposed effect;

channels, in addition to proprietary electronic business platform, because the product itself pricing phase >

who would have thought, "the three shareholders" as the new three business has become a sore spot, others build up the family fortunes business model.

Wow wonderful

pictures are provided by wow

foreign designer brand agent: at present, wow has cooperated with 5 overseas designers team one German team won Red Dot Design Award to make exclusive agent for the sale of products;

WowMeow is aimed at young pet population potential spending power, starting from Home Furnishing, jewelry, toys, pet supplies from the quality and design to the designer integrated store form of consumption upgrade. Wow, the smart model is not complicated as a whole, so the resource advantage is the most important barrier. At this stage, the wonderful product channels are as follows:

wild fire, in spring, in the fertile soil of chairman Zhu Weiyi believes that the three shareholders completely cleared away, "but the three types of shareholders and make great contributions to the development of the new third market, should not become the obstacle to IPO."

investors and sources of funds is difficult to penetrate verification, containing three types of shareholders asset management plan, contractual fund and trust planning company, became the IPO road foundling. At the same time, queuing companies have already opened the listing celebration cocktail party, the three types of shareholder companies are still watching the policy of further clarity.

blackmail: business of three types of shareholders in the two tier market

integrated shop advantage is enough fine goods, but also there will be not cover the needs of users, considering that, wow wonderful also plans to launch a "mission to fight overseas purchase service, refer to the overseas website Massdrop model. When users see overseas bloggers recommend new pet products in Instagram, YouTube and other platforms, often encounter a dilemma is that there is no purchase channel, therefore, wow wonderful plans to offer solutions to this group.

"three types of shareholders" issue to bring the new three board enterprises, not just waiting for anxiety.

but another three shareholders, never to yield an inch of ground. The other side price: must be 30% of the monthly yield agreed to buy back, the fund company’s internal repo income indicators, there is no room for discussion". In the negotiations, Zhang Liang proposed to sign an agreement, the other refused, "you this is too complicated, I voted more than 100 companies, to each such operations, it is too complicated."." >

users can buy the product related information will release the corresponding page to wow wonderful, "onlookers" if the user is interested in the products you can choose to join the "group purchase", after reaching a certain number, the official will help wow wonderful users worldwide to contact suppliers, products and procurement, and "mission to fight overseas purchase mode can also help platform for goods channel expansion, rich SKU, to some extent reduce operating costs.

"too difficult", which is almost all secretaries of the three types of shareholders attitude.

compared with the initial demand for "eating and sleeping", the pets have opened up the process of consumption upgrade as pets’ family status has risen linearly. According to Analysys "2017 young consumer trends data report", the pet young people over the past year the average pet spending reached 7580 yuan, when we talk about the upgrading of consumption, pet may also contains a lot of opportunities.

was talking on the phone for less than three sentences, and Zhang Liang realized that he had come across an investor who was doing business with three types of shareholders". The request of the other party is clear — wealth to exit, need a reasonable return".

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