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just looked at the Admin5 article, suddenly there is a kind of writing original impulse, so, I hope this impulse will give me the same novice Adsense bring a little money harvest. Cold night station time is not long, but it is not the kind of dedication of the webmaster. After all, money to buy space, buy a domain name, and every day most of the time is spent on site management, so the website included, keyword ranking, website traffic, how many of these parameters of the night "is also a kind of affirmation, especially shlf1314 Adsense income! For the novice webmaster, how to make the shlf1314

3 and Gong Haiyan’s largest short board: product force. A friend of mine has been dealing with Gong Haiyan for ten years. He said that Gong Haiyan’s greatest advantage was his ability to find business, he was sensitive, and his weakness was that he could not understand the product. Now, the biggest enemy of entrepreneurship and transformation is product force.


three, if the technology type of site advertising costs will be lower than the information category, news and entertainment sites, because the latter kind of site visitors easily click advertising.

2, the product does not hurt point. Why can the earliest Jiayuan deus ex, because caught a pain point "a female user serious dating". We are a micro innovation students, BBK education is to do digital education, income is not bad, that is, by learning the way the machine caught a pain point, "there will not sweep where."". Gong Haiyan has 3 products, one is 91 foreign teachers network, one is ladder network, and the other is the good net. 91, foreign teachers network pain point index slightly higher, ladder network and the good network of pain index is very weak.

summary: some novice webmaster may be very impatient, why my advertising costs are so low, in accordance with the method of cold food night or low price how to place ads? shlf1314 will put the same high priced ads on weight high website, reason is because they do not trust to the railway station, if the novice webmaster first two months three months can every day to earn $1, then half a month or 1 years after you shlf1314 Adsense costs should be for you to eat and drink

text / gold wrong knife WeChat public number ijincuodao

four, shlf1314 Adsense optimization 1, text advertising unit price is always higher than the picture, because easily clicked picture advertising unit price, of course, will be lower than the text of advertising. 2, high priced ads tend to appear at the top of the page, according to shlf1314 Adsense statistics, to adjust the location of advertising and change the advertising position. 3, the article must be inserted into the inner circle of advertising advertising, because text ads and articles will be content as one, easy to click, and the price is also high. 4, each paragraph in the article line advertising, sidebar or not easy to click position, recommended pictures advertising, if the location is enough, you need to use large size pictures to attract visitors attention and click. 5, the advertisement code optimization: This is very simple, the ad title and link colors set within the site link color or blue color and text advertising website text color to be consistent, do not use the default font advertising, with medium or large font size. 6, in the advertising code near the relevant keyword links, let shlf1314 Adsense according to your requirements display the desired advertising content.

has successfully established the first domestic listed dating sites Jiayuan "Helen of Troy" Gong Haiyan, now is experiencing its business life of the "slip"

because there are several minimally invasive new students in online education, I have two Gong Haiyan venture online education is also quite concerned about, but also experience a few of their products. The Gong Haiyan feel frustrated, especially entrepreneurs learn a lesson, more worthy of a transformation of traditional enterprise internet.

two, how much to understand some SEO and other knowledge, good aspects do not say, at least know how to do, will not be sh419 or shlf1314 K station, be K station means traffic lost at least a majority of it.


is looking forward to Gong Haiyan’s product counter attack.

Abstract: a friend of mine has been dealing with Gong Haiyan for ten years. He said Gong Haiyan’s greatest advantage is to find the ability to do business. He is very sensitive and has the shortcoming of being stubborn and not understanding the product. Now, the biggest enemy of entrepreneurship and transformation is product force.

= Gong Haiyan line:

products should be focused and users should be focused. Especially in startups, it’s important to find the most valuable first "angel users". When it comes to ladder networks, it wants to take care of teachers, students, parents, but without focus, at the end of the day, no one can decide. Weekend in doing "micro innovation – into the Jingdong special training camp", Jingdong start business, in fact, is to get 36 Angel users, so that they become fans.

source: Tencent technology

Wen: Hu Xiangbao,

one, the site should have substantial content will attract more visitors not to collect that kind of more, is called the department store, greet hundreds of customers.

1, to do platform, rather than to find the new point of minimally invasive a needle to pierce the sky. Basically there is a law on the Internet: first, the platform will have to do die, but the star started up on a tall platform, rather than starting from a specific product.


Gong Haiyan’s own reflection is: "the front is too long."". I think the key is products suck, star entrepreneurship, and the traditional star aura business transformation, in fact often jumped into a trap:

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