Undergraduate T Entrepreneurship ProgramShared KTV has been regulated over 20 thousand units indus

in Beijing Sanhuan in a shopping mall, Nandu reporter saw, Sunday single price of 10 yuan / head, the price per hour to reach 72 yuan after folding.

recently, the Ministry of Culture issued a notice to guide the healthy development of the market for mini singing Pavilion, mini singing Pavilion platform operators shall in August 31, 2017 before the enterprise has been put into operation in the country within the scope of the mini booth information summary report singing the Ministry of culture for the record.

How far can

price, at present, the mainstream Mini KTV has two kinds of charging mode, according to the time charge and press the number of songs.

compared to the traditional KTV, this price is not an advantage. Take the regular KT> near the mall

Nandu hearing "I eat alone, travel, stop and go everywhere."". Nowadays, one can do more than one choice — singing.

1, identify the target

    IT of the Internet, it is easy to lose yourself, I heard the teacher Yu Shiwei from such a figure of "construction of Zhongguancun Chinese is a failure, Zhongguancun is a village, because the IT company smallholder consciousness is too strong: see someone selling computer, we have to sell the computer; see other people doing communications equipment, communications equipment, we are doing" we IT Internet wide circle is also a village? See the portal is successful, millions of people want to do music website portal; see success, many music websites emerge; see HAO123 successful, many "HAO123" followed up; now the network game is the fire, the company produced a large area of domestic network game. Of course, what I’m talking about is a big environment. Don’t talk about individuals. Big companies don’t know where to go. For the individual or team of college students, should do what, what to do, what to do for you. Several years ago I failed, I saw Heilongjiang several college students founded a campus electronic commerce website, LAN, do lunch business, be full of sound and colour. I think I can’t go anywhere in the technical field than they are. So I worked with my classmates and started the campus e-commerce network, Pakistan Baja. What’s the situation like? The first year is OK, but it’s really hard, because all the work is done by itself from purchase to order to delivery, and many transactions are carried out under the net, and the profits of the goods are not very high. Later, the problem was more serious, and I was not allowed to operate any more, and many foreign orders were not sent in time. Finally, I summarized, especially e-commerce C2C electronic commerce or the avant-garde play, where in my university area has not reached that level, a school, few people are willing to buy things online, few people will use the network to service life. This is the confusion of e-commerce, the confusion of the Internet, and also the confusion of the quality of Chinese Internet users and network education. Students do things most easily idealized, so, of course, do a lot of things, college students have a good chance of failure, but also for this reason.

    IT industry, there are many uncertainties, success does need a little luck, can conscientiously adhere to the end, often successful. sh419 in fact when it was founded, has not been seen, we feel that this thing is shlf1314 pirated version, many people who engage in technology like to use shlf1314, but most of the Chinese still use sh419. sh419 was successful, because sh419 now has more than three market capitalization. In addition, I also engaged in electronic commerce, electronic commerce has been very appreciate cloud, Zhu Zigang founded the cloud only invested more than 100 thousand, but in 2004, yunwang occupied the domestic online trading 1/4 shares, the amount of the transaction.

Mini KTV has exceeded 20 thousand units, industry insiders said the industry will fall into the brand melee

source: Southern Metropolis Daily Author: Bu Yuqin Li Zhan

is committed to "fragmentation time",

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

, Nandu reporters, respectively, to call and sing friends, customer service learned that, in the two brands of machines, operators can set their own consumption unit price. For example, in the Chaoyang Joy City Mall, the weekend of the purchase price can even reach 90 yuan per hour.

‘s "one song" go?

according to industry estimates, as of now, the market for mini KTV has reached more than 20 thousand units. Mini KTV "mini singing Pavilion" since the rise since more than a year, the idea that it will become a second "bike sharing", many brand brand is difficult to break through, blossom everywhere, customer loyalty is difficult to maintain; there are many manufacturers and investors are in the field, that will be the next Mini KTV "the air".

in the last year, a large number of transparent little houses have been sold in the shopping malls. These small house covers an area of two or three square meters, with electronic screen, a microphone, a headset and two card, often can see one or two people sitting inside, yaotouhuangnao intoxicated in their own world. This is the latest new "toy" – Mini KTV.

in Guangzhou and Beijing shopping malls, Nandu reporter randomly selected a number of mini KTV, and carried out field experience.

different brands of mini KTV, although in appearance, function is slightly different, but all include songs, singing, recording songs these basic functions. Some brands of mini KTV and the "advanced" features, such as Mi DA and sing together, sing with consumers in Da formerly Mi Da m iniK songs can be uploaded directly to sing; sing is the launch of the online fight song, the line "rooms", China Unicom and K millions of friends at the same time in line PK.

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