Talking about earning money on a single pagesh419 third issue of sh419 Major League certification me

How does

basically, as long as your thinking is alive and diligent, it’s easy to html. Success is not difficult.

C. or build a related blog in the domain name. Update your blog daily and in the single page >

A., you open the above URL, save as.Html format. Then use Dreamweaver or other web editing software to change the content of the page to your content. Note: if you have a blog, you need to build a new one

5, ask to continue to do links or update links blog content

4, intercepted the role of lemon keyword traffic, do expensive shlf1314-adsense

single page: make money through a simple HTML page a page even, to intercept especially long tail keywords search traffic sh419 / shlf1314, sales of products, such as ggadsense model to make money.

make a profitable single page?

2, intercepted to red blood flow + blog, do Taobao guest

is not difficult, as long as you can copy, you can make a single page to make money.

more information as in the League:
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback ,

4, single page requirements are concise and simple: organize H1, H2, H3, and DIV to organize text content. Do not form, do not flash and everything, make search difficult to read format.

below, single page to:

League address: http://s.union.sh419/

congratulations on third period August 2007 by sh419 alliance certification website. Membership list is as follows:
in alphabetical order

37021 Gold Certified member kuzhan Daquan
three carriages of city commercial network
E library materials
driving by diet
sign I love animation game

3, domain name: do not care about length, usually include promotion keywords.

2, keyword choice: long tail high flow hot words as keywords. sh419’s daily search volume is best to exceed 2000, with a shlf1314 trend of more than 200. Tool URL: index.sh419 shlf1314/trends

1, making money model: must choose the highest profit model. Chinese guest station now, English station ggadsense and multi product alliance.

B. at the bottom of the page to open a friendship zone, and often exchange links

1, nianlove intercepted weight loss flow, do Taobao guest

3, intercepted "dwelling theme song" keyword traffic, do English shlf1314 adsense

shares several single pages:

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