Cock wire counterattack or business must clarify the three points7 reasons for the failure of your b

second, "cask effect, yangchangbuduan".

what is the "barrel effect", is a barrel can hold much water depends on the shortest piece of wood, so there are Yangchangbuduan said, only the shortest piece is lengthened, so you can put more and more water. not quite the same as "


here, some people may say, I do not do face-to-face sales, I do network marketing can be, then the next problem appears, will also be I will explain the cock wire counter attack second points.

It’s not easy for

third points, character.

what is the grass root? Grass root from the simple sense is no family, no background, no money nor staff, more than three points if you occupy, so that you will be a pure grass root, then, as the grass root how can we get rid of grass root identity:


reason 1: put your income before the customer,

don’t develop a product that doesn’t appeal to the public. You need to ensure you can start from the local, and then slowly expand, but, if your product can only solve hundreds of personal problems, so how can a larger pattern? You need to consider whether their products can expand the size of the user, the next stage, the user of the product can reach the level of the number of million. If the answer to the above question is no, then the best thing you have to do is sell the product rather than go

if you’re planning to start a business, you’re doomed to fail. Although failure is the mother of success, if you do not clear the reasons for failure, you can not succeed in the end. This paper describes seven main reasons may lead to business failure, if you go in the business on the road, then at least to find out the paper will mention these contents, otherwise, the chances of success are slim.

there is little need to pay special attention to, do not at various sites, or App with your product advertising, it can be said, for your product harm, why? Because for any technology products, customers pay more attention to the product experience, if you with excellent product experience, customer is willing to pay the bill.

never pay too much attention to your income, nor can you put your income ahead of your customers. Of course, I do not let entrepreneurs do not value the importance of corporate income, but compared to the customer resources, money seems more simple, isn’t it? As long as there are customers, companies always have the opportunity to achieve profitability.

no matter what industry you are in and you want to succeed, the foundation is critical. For example, an ordinary real estate sales to be successful, you must first learn how to communicate with others, their speaking level, this is your sales base for an even talk stammer, face the customer conversation is not good people, if you do not change the language level, you want to succeed the customer to complete the performance, personal think it would be prohibitively difficult.


example: the same sales, some people’s character is more suitable for the sales occupation, some people do not fit, this relationship and character if can change the character to a job or something, you can not adapt to this, but as sales, general outgoing people than introverts, in terms of sales response ability to accept a lot better, this is a congenital advantage. And you try to change themselves, to adapt ourselves to this position, which is required for a long time, therefore, the key position drops the project work is success or failure according to their actual ability and their own character and the mastery of the resources.

why is the vast majority of startups failing? That’s one of the biggest reasons. Entrepreneurs set up a company and got a few initial customers, but after a period of time, they gradually found it difficult to maintain their own entrepreneurial journey, because their customers have gone.

reason two: thinking pattern is too small,

to produce a product that people really need. Therefore, if you are entrepreneurs, do not put their bets on a revenue model, or a business plan, instead, you need to seize their core value the most important, and then to get customers. So what do you need to do? First of all, you have to verify that your ideas drive sales and verify that your product can really change people’s lives. If all this is well done, there are bound to be a lot of people willing to use your product, and when the customer has a need for your product, they will be willing to pay for it.

if a client is not willing to pay for your product, then a good business plan will be weak.

, perhaps a lot of people will feel that this cock wire counter attack has nothing to do with character, I personally think, cock wire want counter attack, this and your own personality has a great relationship.

also want to do network marketing, we also need to lay a good foundation of relevant, we also need to consider at the same time, you are engaged in network marketing, which together is your specialty, where you need to constantly improve and perfect, play to your strengths to compensate for your weaknesses, so as to complete a good correlation matters, also can let you continue to grow.

first, lay the foundation.

analysis summary, the basis is very important, according to their own personality and practical ability and the resources to choose their own work or entrepreneurial project, this is a pure cock wire, want to counter attack is the key

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