The latest e commerce advertising investment methodsA start up financing to build scientists Faceboo

has many websites tried CPS advertising, some earn a lot of money, very satisfied; some earn some money, but not as much money as other advertising, not satisfied; some did not make money, very dissatisfied; said." So far, it has released 1 million 600 thousand papers. not only wants to change the way researchers publish research results, but also helps peer evaluate the quality of each other’s work. said Thursday that it was a move that inspired venture capital firm Khosla Ventures.

then how can the company make a profit,

The publication model of, Richard Price Richard Price

generally, the biggest difference between CPC and CPS in CPC, click once on the formation of income, but only click on CPS is not enough, you may need a longer period of time, or even require the user to click multiple conversion orders, thus forming income, therefore, high viscosity of the web advertising CPS has very good effect, such as community and community site; in contrast, webmasters and web site owners are aware, this kind of website advertising CPC >


researchers can also read it on the web site

1, consistent user group characteristics,

"Our goal is to make every PDF document related to science and technology available on the Internet free of charge, and to build a network of scientists supporting those papers," How much has 4 million 300 thousand researchers on its member network, which has about 150 thousand copies uploaded to the web each month, very close to the monthly number of papers published in traditional journals. There are about 160 thousand copies published in traditional journals every month.

the reason is because the CPS and CPC, SP are essentially different, we put on the CPC and SP are generally fixed mode: find a place to hang up the code, and then no matter; however, it can be said that those who do this CPS, some do not make money, CPS money. Must not do so;

now, for ordinary users of the website different from the steel crane for the enterprise such as B2B website will generally find the right CPS advertising, with the largest CPS Yiqifa Alliance eqifa, there are dozens of shopping sites, including books, audio and video, digital, cosmetics, baby, clothing, air tickets, Home Furnishing etc. the types of goods can meet almost all Internet users shopping needs.

sample site 2: Blue ideal: blueidea/special/webstandards/

universities usually subscribe to a large number of professional journals, so the School researchers can read to a large number of publications, but for the other research personnel, they must have read the papers every pay. hopes the process will be faster and more open and transparent.


revenue is

according to foreign media reports, the U.S. company called Internet start-ups to LinkedIn and Facebook and other social networking activity into science and technology research field of professional community, the company has completed second rounds of financing, $11 million 100 thousand.

sample site 1, the case we worked with,

as a whole, I think the main factors that affect CPS delivery are the following:


2, higher user stickiness,

‘s current scientific paper is that the author first submits the paper to a professional magazine, and then the magazine asks other researchers to review it. This model has been used for decades, but many researchers believe that this model has drawbacks, because even if want to get the public investment projects of scientific research, they also need to pay the cost of money.

he said: "we hope that this network of scientists will become a digital infrastructure research work of new, when we put the network built, we have many ways to make a profit, such as providing the latest research and trend of technological innovation or relevant information for pharmaceutical companies, leading scientists can also help universities and research firms looking for specific areas, intermediary fees earned to the headhunting company."

is a visitor to your website is what kind of people, such as beauty website, then we can think of selling cosmetics is better, if the forum, so basically sell milk is more appropriate; there are a lot of books like the site, visitors are reading people, so is the best selling books according to statistics, at present, every month can gain more than 10 thousand of the book stand is about 10 or so, be too numerous to enumerate 1000 yuan of above;

? Chief executive officer and founder of

as the concentration of web designer, the ideal blue put web design books is the most appropriate; other similar websites selling books and PHP programmers focus on CHINAUNIX, network marketing enthusiasts from the new observation of online marketing, foreign language enthusiasts focus on New Oriental, foreign exchange enthusiasts focus on net financial investment etc..

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